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Historical items:


HI9    ICON from the late 1700's.   Hammered brass over painted wood.  This is not one of the cheap mass produced pieces from Russia in the last fifteen years.  This one originated in the area between Spain and France from one of the monasteries there. The paint has 'crazing' and the cloth backing has stained from years in a damp climate.  One break to the brass just above the hand. Sorry, but the silver crown over the head is missing.  10.5" X 8.6"   Came to America from a Swiss couple who immigrated in 1948.  If you need further pictures, just ask. $1350    Pictures:       B                      F       G       H         






















Vintage Straight Razors


SR1    Theo A. Kochs Co. Chicago, Made in Germany,   The company hallmark is on the obverse shank: Trademark with a shield, anchor, and crossed swords.  Beautiful red scales with silver ends.  Beautiful red scales that I have never run across before.  There is no rust nor tarnish.  The blade is just over .5" wide and shave ready.  $95   Pictures:   A       B       C       D       E       F     

SR2     None Better, By Henry Mueller, Solingen Germany.   very attractive razor with silver tipped black scales.  The motif of the scales is Art Deco vines and blossoms.  very clean blade with gimps on the top and bottom of the shank.  None Better etched into the obverse side of the hollow grinding.  5/8+ inches wide.  Very close to Shave Ready, and a few minutes on a strop would bring it around quickly.  $95   Pictures:         B       C       D        E       F       

SR3     The Rolls Razor.  Made in England and exported to the US.  The original cost of this razor is in ink on the back of the box: $34.85  The only wear on the razor is the small piece of label that is missing on the front.  All of the instructions and even the paper spacers are present in the box.  Excellent condition and a prize for any collection of vintage razors.  Price is $95 Pictures:   A        B       C        D       E       F       G        H        I         J         K        L      

SR4     Valet Safety Razor, WWI.  Heavy steel box 3.75" wide, 1.66" deep and 3/4" thick, dark green.  There was some sort of logo in the recessed portion of the lid.  Purple velvet liner stamped Auto Strop Razor.  Six auto strop blades still in their cardboard wraps are in the compartment to the left.  The head and handle are in their own compartments. The patent date is April 9, 1912. Nice complete set.  $50  Pictures:     A       B       C       D       E      

SR5    Henry Sears & Son,  1865.   'Blue Steel', razor model #276,  Do not confuse this razor with the product of Sears and Roebuck!  11/16" wide blade, rounded end, double pinned, Gimps on the bottom of the Shank.  some very small nicks in the edge, but a good strop and patience will take care of them.  Henry Sears and Son produced fine razors between 1865 and 1879.   $55  Pictures:    A       B       C      D      E       F       G     

SR6     Adoration Ax, No 292,   Giesen & Forsthoff   Solingen-Germany.  9" overall when open, 2 11/16 long and 9/16" wide.  beautiful condition and Shave Ready  The silver logo is cast into the front scale, two rivets.  A very nice 'traveler'   $75   Pictures:   A      B      C                 F       G    

SR7      Imperial Razor. Warranted and registered: 20507 on obverse of shank.  Clean black scales, slight hump to shank  3/4" blade, squared end.   Shave Ready!  A good buy at $75  Pictures:    A        B        C        D       E       F   

SR8     Gold Seal, by Albert.  Still retains much of the pure gold plating.  Clear yellow  plastic scales.    Exc.    $40   Pictures:  A              C         

SR9      BEDDY  Cury & Bro.   New York.   The blade is beautifully etched with a portrait of Shibly Pasha Atrash.  He was born in 1885 and died in 1982.  The Sultan of Syria gave him the Title Pasha around 1925.  He was commander of the Syrian Revolution f 1925-1927.  The Leader of the Jabal Druze Revolt and Rallied them against the French Interference in Syria.  The term 'Pasha' applied exclusively to military commanders and was bestowed on Shibly in 1925 by the Sultan.  I could find no reference to Cury and Bro.  I Googled  Shibly Pasha Atrash and found a picture of him with a handle bar moustache that would impress anyone.  They even had a write up on him.  That is where I found the information of his past.   The scales are an unusual Eve pattern that shows her leg and great definition.  The back of the razor has some very impressive art work but the edge could use a session with a strop but there are no nicks to the blade edge nor to the scales. Gimps are on the top and bottom of the shank.   $185   Pictures:    A       B       C       D      E       F           

SR10     A. L. Bach,  no. 312  Solingen.  Original box present.  5/8"+ wide, no gimps, double pinned black scales,  excellent condition but needs stropping.  $80   Pictures:   A   BB     B       C      D       E       F      

SR11   Clauss.  Fremont,O  U.S.A.    beefy blade: 3/4+" wide. plain black scales, very clean blade with small  marks or stains that can be cleaned up.   One small dull  spot about .25" back from the tip, but you have to feel it, it is difficult to see.  Round end to blade, long monkey's tale.   A very good buy at $45  Pictures:    A       B      C      D      E        F             H   

SR12         Imperial Razor,   Register number: 20507. (Germania)    Black celluloid scales with some scratches.  There are some discolored spots on the blade but it won't take much to remove them.  5/8" blade needs stopping.  Good buy at $35  Pictures:    A      B      C           E        F   

SR13      Ernst Melcher Weyer-Solingen.  The box is for Melchior Bros, Chicago.  I don't know how the two got together but they make a nice set.   Delicate 1/2" wide blade, black scales, two pins, Length closed is 5 1/8".  small spots on the reverse side of the blade, but the price is right at $50  Pictures:    A        B      C       D       E        F       G  

SR14       Permedge Rotary Stropper.  Made by United Drug Company, Pat. Pending.  Compact nickel plated box that opens so that you can place a safety razor blade inside, then you turn the handle to strop the edges and bring back that perfect edge.  I have not seen another.    $30   Pictures:    A        B        C           

SR15      Friedr. Herder & Sohn, Solingen.  Their hallmark was a Spade or Pikas.   5.5" overall length when closed.  "Cracked Ice" scales with " SOLINGEN"  inlaid in silver in one of the scales.  find gimps on both top and bottom of the Shank.  Slight freckling to both sides due to some very light rust, it can be polished out.  $55  Pictures:       B      C             E        F       G 

SR16       Wyeth, Hardware, Mfg.Co.  I could find no references to their production of razors and but two references to Wyeth Razors being auctioned.  Comes in the original box in exc. condition.  Beautiful design of blade, the Wyeth logo is etched into the blade and the shank reads: Wyeth Hardware & Mfg Co   St Joseph Mo   Black scales, double pinned, see photos for slight rust showing. 3/4" blade.  Still sharp, but needs honing.  Be the only kid on the block to own a Wyeth!   $120  Pictures:   A       B     C       D      E       F      G       H     

SR17      Diamond Edge #9, Norvell Shapleigh Hardware Co. St. Louis-Germany.  delicate narrow blade with diamond logo, black cellulose scales, double pinned. Exc.    $40    Pictures:          B         

SR18     Crane, by Globe Cutlery of Germany.  Cream colored scales with the obverse with a Crane standing among rushes holding a fish in it's beak.  Most of the teal green coloring to the pattern is still bright.  The reverse scale is cream colored.  The blade is  11/16" wide and is clear of rust or discoloration, but there is a small nick about 3/8" from the heel of the cutting edge.  A session with a good hone will take care of that.  One of the nice things about this razor is that the original box in very good condition is present.  $65   Pictures:   A       B       C       D       E       F       G   

SR19      Gold Nugget, R. Reinke  807 16th Street    Denver, Co.  Some gold plating remains on the tang of the razor and the monkey's tail, square end to blade, transparent yellow scales, double pinned, has a interesting non-matching razor box named to a Gold Bug Razor. Needs stropping but other than that it is excellent.    $55    Pictures:   A        B       C       D       E       F       G   

SR20      W. H. Morley, Germany  (Clover Leaf logo)    Nice deep etching on blade of a heart with 'Finest' in the center and a banner with  "hollow Ground"  (You might want to take a look at SR31 to see the matching blade with the same logo. Morley made many razors for export by contract for American consumption with the name of the retailer on the shank)  Ivory Scales with short crack obverse scale and a slightly longer crack in the reverse.  someone has done some filing on the reverse scale, but the black will easily be removed.  Needs honing and stropping.  $85  Pictures:    A       B       C       E       F       G       

SR21      Jones MFG Co. Chicago, Ill. Cream colored French Ivory scales with good grain to cellulose,  double pinned. round end to blade, slight freckling to the blade, needs honing.   Comes in a very nice razor box with the Logo: A. Di Glaria   Seattle, Wash.   Exc.    $35   Pictures:   A       B       C       D       E       F       G   

SR22       Wester Bros Little /De-Fi.  Made in Solingen, named to an American firm and registered with the U.S. pat. Off. matching razor box.  1/2" wide, double pinned, unusual brown and black scales.  Overall length closed is 5.75" a bit shorter than usual.  $70   Pictures:     A       B       C            E        F        

SR23       Twin Man Henckels.  No 78, (Zwillings Werk) Made in Germany.  11/16" wide, square end, hollow ground.  Black scales, two pins. Perfect condition in Henckles box. Needs stropping.   $125    Pictures:    A       B       C       D       E       F       G     

SR24      Wilbert razor, complete with matching box.  The box has wear from age.  Older razor with no gimps.  Freckling to the surface of the blade, Hollow ground etched into the right side of the blade.  Small barber's notch, black scales, with no damage. The edge is in need of honing and stropping but I think that this one will hold a very nice edge and the price is right.   $40   Pictures:    A        B       C       D      E      F       G      

SR25      James Barlow & Sons, Manufacturers  Sheffield.   Corporate Mark: ECHO.  Massive blade that is 9/16" wide and is only slightly hollow ground!  Black Buffalo scales that have small indents where a worm or moth has had lunch.  9 3/4" long when opened, barber's notch, no gimps.  Shave ready.  I have not seen many like this at all.  $140  Pictures:     A       B       C       D       E        F       G  

SR26       Franklin P. C. Co    Germany,  wedge-like blade: very shallow hollow grind. 11/16" wide blade.   Slight discoloration to the surface of the blade and like most razors, needs a good  stropping or perhaps a honing.  The most distinctive part to this razor would be the BLUE scales, both sides with a woman's head and a nice floral design cast into the surface.  Two rivets, great display piece.   $60  Pictures:   A       B       C       D       E      

SR27       Western Barber S. Co, Salt Lake City.  No 32 W.B.S.C. in original box.  5/8" wide blade square end, both ends of the French Ivory scales are wrapped in silver. The bottom has the three letters W. B.  S.  Double pinned.  moderate hollow ground blade.   The edge needs honing to get rid of some of the rough spots but the steel is top grade and the blade made in Germany for Western.  $80  Pictures:   A       B        C       D       E        F        G        H       I        J  

SR28    MAXARD,  Made in Germany.  French ivory scales inlayed with silver diamond and Maxard in the center.  Round end to blade, gimps on the top and bottom of the shank, double pinned.  Reverse of the shank has: " Finest German Hollow Ground".   Folds shut without rubbing on either scale.   No damage to edge, but it needs a stropping to restore the shaving edge.  $90  Pictures;    A       B       C       D       E          F      

SR29       JOSEPH ALLEN & SONS XLL, Sheffield, England.  small barber's notch, black cellulose scales.  front part of the inscription on the shank is weak and it appears that it was stamped at an angle or the hollow grind procedure removed it, but it does say Joseph Allen & Sons  Sheffield England.  This comes with the original box that is marked NON XLL and Joseph Allen & Son  Sheffield England.  A very delicate razor.    exc.  $95    Pictures:           B       C       D       E        F       G            I     

SR30      'EVE'  Razor by the Lee Cutlery Co  Germany.  The blade has a square end and a beautiful pattern ground into the back with a fist clutching lightning bolts with LEE'S on the left and LIGHTNING on the right.  The previous owner has lightly honed the edge and not stropped the marks out of the edge.  Gimps on both top and bottom of the shank.  Both scales have a bas relief of Eve with flowing tresses in the Deco style.  Each side is the mirror image of the other in wonderful condition.    The original box is present and inscribed to the LEE  Hardware Co.  on the sleeve and  Lee's Lightning on the cap piece.  Eve razors have always been in demand by collectors and users and this is a true prize.   $175  Pictures:   A       B       C       D       E        F       G     PENDING

SR31     H. Boker & Co , King Cutter.     Made in Germany,  Nice bamboo scales, marked with the Boker 'Tree Brand'.  Just under 11/16" wide.  Nice edge but could use some strop work.  Square end, gimps on top of the shank, long monkey tail.  The original box came with this fine razor.  $75  Pictures:       B       C       D       E       F        G   

SR32     Tru-Edge, Peter Michels Brooklyn NY (made for him in Germany)  5/8" wide, 'Cracked Ice' scales has silver bands around the ends on each side, the obverse side has a silver panel: Tru-Edge.  Two rivets.  This razor has been finished with a Shave Ready edge and is ready to go.  $100   Pictures:    A       B            D       E       F      

SR33       Diamond, by Rice and Miller.  black cellulose scales. double pinned.  $35    Pictures:     A        B        C         D      

SR34       EVE With Flowers, By Devon in Germany.  They made many novelty razors in the 20's and 30's.  Single sided, (I noticed a second person at Eve's feet in this pattern that I have not seen in others like it).   All of the brick-red paint is present and you can see details that were not readily apparent after the paint is worn away.  One of the best condition Eve's that I have owned.  Great display piece!   $185   Pictures:   A       B       C        D        E         F   

SR35    J. A. Henckles,  No. 401 Twin Works.  Solingen Germany with matching boxRed scales, triple pins, information on the Shank is filled with red paint.  5/8" wide blade.  Square end, the edge needs stropping.  Nice piece.  $130  Pictures;     A        B       C        D       E        F       G    

SR36      Eve with flowers on a rope scale.  Cosmo MFG. co. Germany.  One of the best companies that produced decorative scales for razors.  Single pinned, 3/4" blade, freshly honed and stropped to a Shave Ready edge.  Square end to blade.  There is no wear to the scales and the background color is mostly present.  Both obverse and reverse are rope pattern.  It doesn't get much better than this.  $185  Pictures:   A       B       C       D       E       F

SR37      MONEY GETTER. G. N. W. Wilson Co    Portland, Ore. Imported from Germany.  9/16" wide, square end, blued shank, black wedge, double pinned, bone scales that only show up by the pin for the blade.  Nice solid scales!  $ 65  Pictures:   A       B       C       D        E       F       G   

SR38      BOKER TREE BRAND (THE HENKEL Co) Germany. Imported by Wright & Wilhelmy  Co.   The blade is etched:  X X X  Clean Clipper with an arrow through this line, then marked  Fully Warranted.   Square end, Gimps on the lower edge of the shank in a deeply curved notch for the index finger.  Black scales, double pinned no damage to scales nor to the blade.  The blade swings neatly between the scales so that there is no contact with the shaving edge.   $90   Pictures:    A       B       C        D       E        F      

SR39       Unusual Copper wrapped blade (AKA Frameback), Joh. Engstrom  Eskilstuna Sweden.  He produced razors from 1874 to 1918.  Black scales.  The underside of the shank has gimps to improve the grip on the razor.  $45  Pictures:    A        B        C      PENDING    

SR40    UBERSTON & Co. MANUFACTURERS.    3/4" wide blade, round end, gimps on the top of the shank.  Ivory scales have no cracks.  Beautiful razor that is Shave Ready.  $130   Pictures:   A       B       C        D       E        F   

SR41     Extra Hollow Ground, Keene Cutlery.  5/8" wide. etched blade, unusual back to blade, square end.  The white celluloid is a fine art Nuvo pattern that is found on both scales.  Newly honed and stropped to a Shave Ready edge.  If you have looked at many antique razors, you know how seldom you will see a razor with matching scales.  $135    Pictures:       B       C       D       E       F    

SR42      THE HENKEL Co.   FREMONT, O.  U.S.A.  Round end to blade, no gimps on the top nor bottom of the Shank.  Black scales in excellent condition.  The reverse side of the blade needs a little polish: there are several faint spots from water or something (it would not take very much to get rid of them)  The edge has no nicks nor damage but does need a good honing.   $80   Pictures:   A       B       C       D       E       F       G

SR43     F. H. Loeffler Co.  The black demon.  Rochester, N. Y.  square end to blade but it could use some work on the hone and strop.  Nice bamboo scales with good color and details.  Most of the color between the bamboo segments is still there.  It appears that on the obverse side of the shank is a rendering of Columbus with a flag.  the reverse says that the blade was made in Germany but has the logo of  the Loeffler Co. the price on the box is $3.50, a high price in those days.  $80  Pictures:    A       B       C       D       E        F         G 

SR44    Grah & Plumch,  Weyer,  Solingen.  Short razor!!:  2.7/8" long and 1/2" wide, plastic scales, double pinned, Number 14 stamped into the shank.  Gimps on top and bottom of the shank.  Slight tarnishing to the blade. it wouldn't take much to make this one shave ready.   $60   Pictures:       B        C        D        E        F        G      H   

SR45       WADE AND BUTCHER  SHEFFIELD.    Nice old razor with bone scales and a lead wedge which is indicative of a razor made in the early to mid 1800's.  1/2" wide no gimps, square end to blade. The 'monkey's tail is short and pointed.  There are some initials scratched into the surface of the bone but not ledge able.  The early arrow with the cross on the right side of the arrow and  'B' in a circle on the left end.  No damage to the shaving edge, but it needs a good honing.  With some love and attention, this razor could be a wonderful shaver as well as an outstanding display piece.  It comes in an old pressed cardboard coffin box of the same vintage.  Both ends are intact but the logo is of a flower with six petals.  $100   Pictures:    A       B       C       D       E       F       G       H  

SR46   MEDIUM HOLLOW GROUND, N O N - X L L  Joseph Allen & Sons   Sheffield, Eng   Joseph Allen & Sons produced razors between 1864 and 1925.  9/16" wide, mild humped shank, has a Barber's Notch, some surface damage from rust but the camera brings out the flaws to a greater extent than they truly are.  The scales are Aluminum castings, rare under any circumstances, but these have been put on the old family razor by a person with limited skills...  The decoration is the 'EVE' with open sea shells and a swan  on one side and an alligator and FAULTLESS in floral designs.  $50  Pictures:    A        B              D        E        F               

SR47    Four Day Razor Set.  J. A. Henckles, (Twin Man logo), Solingen.  The backs of the razors are etched:   Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.  The model number of the razor is 50.  Black scales with ivory wedge in the end, square end,13/16" wide blade, gimps on the underside of the shank.  They could use stropping.  Fine pebbled leather covered box lined with dark  blue silk and a brass button that holds the lid in place.   Leather spacers for the monkey's tails.  This is the only four day set that I have seen and are a wonderful addition to a collector's  razors.  $700   Excellent condition.  Pictures:    A       B       C       D    I can furnish any jpgs that you wish to see.  PENDING

SR48    Sterling Razor Works,  The logo is an Anchor with 'S' on the left side of the shaft and 'H' on the right.  A crown rests over the cross bar.  Nice razor, black scales, double pinned, hollow ground, little discoloration on the blade.  $30  Pictures:  A        B        C        D        

SR49     Carrington & Co, Sheffield.  5/8" wide blade with one stain on the reverse side.  Unusual scales that are multi-colored in a marble like pattern.  Double pinned, square end, very sharp but needs a session on the strop.  I have found two references to Carrington & Co and both have mottled, multi-colored scales.  Forums indicate that this is a rare maker who used superior steel.  $85  Pictures:    A      B       C       D       E       F       G   

SR50    Geo. Woostenholm & Son Celebrated Razor,  5/8" blade, has been polished and part of the oval on the blade is gone.  black scales, clear logo on tang, will be a nice useable razor.  $30    Pictures:    A        B        C        D       

SR51    Bismark, Made in Germany.  Original box, Silver logo in the black scales.  9/16" wide, square end, gimps on both top and bottom of the shank,  some rust on the reverse side of the blade, needs honing and stropping.  If you restore razors, this will be a real prize for you.   $45  Pictures:         B       C       D       E       F      G    PENDING

SR52    LEON-L, The Bonheur Co.   Syracuse, N. Y.   5/8" blade width and 3" long, clean with only a couple of discolorations.  Yellow scales, double pinned, sharp edge without nicks.  $40  Pictures:    A        B        C        D           

SR53     Anchor Brand, Made in Germany and patented in the US.  Original bone scales without cracks  or  splits.  It is so perfect that I had to take a close-up of the pin area to see the grain of the bone.  The original razor box in excellent condition with the stamp with the razor information still on the throat of the box.  Made of Manganese steel, square end to blade, no nicks but a stroke or two and a session on the strop would bring back the Shave Ready edge.  $90  Pictures:    A       B       C       D       E       F       G       H   The blade does not have a wandering edge, I was too close with my close-up lens, sorry.

SR54    PRE-PRACTICE RAZOR.  by INTERNATIONAL CUTLERY, SOLINGEN GERMANY.      I have not seen one of these in any collection that I have come across.  Years ago, I got to know a barber who had retired in the late 50's.  This was his first razor that he was allowed to use in the 'Barber College'.  After he had mastered the strokes with this one, he was allowed to use the real thing.  3/4" blade, triple pinned, transparent dark green scales.  No surface rust on blade but there is a small bend in the very end but no break to the steel.  $80  Pictures:    A        B        C        D        E        F        G     

SR55     Swedish Razor, Diamondine.  Klas Tornblom, Eskilstona.  French Ivory scales, with silver bolsters with the Logo of a large 'V' and 'O' intertwined.  There is an etching on the blade of a large 'X' and a star in the center and rays emanating from the center.  Unusual blade with a heavy spine (frameback) and a very delicate hollow ground blade. The shank is also different.  The monkey's tail is straight.  I have never had very many Swedish razors, and this one is special.   $75   Pictures:    A       B       C       D       E       F     PENDING    

SR56     Non-XLL, Joseph Allen & Sons, Sheffield England.  Medium Size Hollow Ground etched into blade, 11/16" wide blade, barbers notch, no gimps, black scales, Shave ready.  Joseph Allen was in business from 1864 to 1925.   Light discoloration to both sides of the blade, but I didn't think that I wanted to remove it and damage the motto.  Known for steel that holds a sharp edge.  $135   Pictures:    A        B        C         D         E         F         G  

 SR57     WADE AND BUTCHER (VERY EARLY)    Beautiful old humped backed razor with original  'coffin' box.   13/16" wide blade with barber's notch and no gimps.  Black buffalo scales with one small worm hole.  No damage nor cracks.  The box is pressed cardboard with The bas relief cross and 'B' in a circle on either end of the arrow.  One wear hole in the top end of the box.  Double pinned and a very streamlined blade.  The two give-away signs that this is very old is lack of gimps and a lead wedge.  The shaving edge has no damage but is in need of a good stropping.  $190  Pictures:     A       B        C       D       E        F       G       H  

SR58      Clauss Freemont O, Number 6302.  Clauss made razors from 1887 to present.  White celluloid scales with floral design on both ends.  Both sides have the same bas relief pattern.  Single pin. very small dots of discoloration on both sides of the blade.  The blade needs a good honing and stropping to bring back the edge needed for a good shave.  Beautiful display piece.  I couldn't find the manufacturer but his work is impressive.    $70  Pictures:        B       C       D       E       F    

SR59     No Maker.  This is a very old razor!  Look at the monkey's tail, the lead spacer,  and notice the distinct shape.  This was used on American razors prior to the 1820's.  Ivory scales with no cracks, but many inscriptions: Heiv Philait, WA, New Lite,  50 (strike out) 56 (strike out)  and others that I cannot make out.  The reverse has what it probably a year: 188- the last has been polished out.  Hollow ground blade and shank, gimps on top and bottom originally but ground out on part of the bottom.  1/2" blade.  The rivets have not been removed, but it appears that the ivory by the hinge end has suffered nicks from a grinder that probably was used to remove the bottom gimps.  Instead of a rounded back, the blade has  three sides.  I haven't seen this before.  Honing and stropping will bring this one back.   $120  Pictures:        B       C       D       E       F     

SR60   Brunswick Cutlery Co, Prussia,  This is a wonderful example of an unusual early razor with a piece of ivory split down one end and sandwich the shank between the ends and are secured by two rivets.  The reverse side of the shank has a pair of Nez Pierce glasses with the word 'warranted' below.  Nez Pierce glasses were held in place by a single piece of spring metal that would act as a clamp to pinch down on the bridge of the nose.  The Scales are made of bone, and is very resilient to breaking. It is in need of a bit of work on a hone and some stropping.   $ 120   Pictures:    A       B       C       D       E       F        PENDING

SR61    J. S. Holler & Co., Solingen Germany.  Made for Adolph Blaich, San Francisco.  The blade is 13/16" wide with a square end and nice humps, gimps on both the top and bottom of the Shank.  The shank is Ogive in shape.  The mirror finish to the blade has but one small dark spot that can be cleaned up easily.  Very close to Shave Ready condition.  The scales are beautiful Art Deco on the obverse and reverse with a stippled background.  A real showpiece!  Holler made blades for Germany in WWI and WWII and some of the most collectible swords for collectors of Third Reich swords.   $135   Pictures:       B       C       D       E        F        G   

SR62    Larkin.  I could not find any Larkin in any of my razor lists.  11/16" wide blade, black plastic scales with a white plastic wedge.  Double pinned, round end to blade hollow  ground.  Nice piece but has some marks on the blade and is in need of a session on a hone and strop.  Good buy at $65  Pictures:       B       C       D       E       F   

SR63     Joh. Engstrom, Eskilstuna, Sweden.  Produced fine razors from 1874-1918. His blades were very thin an of  quality steel.  The back of the blade is wrapped with a heavy piece of bronze (frame back) that folded over the blade to hold it in place.  Double pinned, square end. Very fine gimps under the shank.  5/8" blade.  There are small nicks in the blade's edge, but with a little patience, you can shave with one of the finest razors ever made.  Black scales in perfect condition.  $85  Pictures:    A       B       C       D       E       F    

SR64    GENCO, Geneva Cutlery, Geneva, N.Y.  U.S.A.  Very nice razor with a square end and 'Cracked Ice' Scales.  No gimps.  The cracked ice motif is pinned on each side of the Shank and Monkey Tail.   Very close to a shave ready edge, but for a few strokes on a strop.  Matching box.    $125  Pictures:    A       B       C       D       E        F       G  

SR65    MARKOS  & BROS.  Salem Markos Bros. Warrented.  Round end, a few small rust spots on the blade, the edge needs honing and stropping, gimps on the bottom of the shank.  3/4" wide, double pinned, matching box in excellent condition.  $100  Pictures:      A        B        C        D       E        F       G       

SR66    Sextoblade Razor.  Style A  by E. Weck & Son, New York.  If you see green reflected on the blade, it is the trees around my home, I like to shoot jpgs in natural light.  The patent date on this Safety razor is July 27. '09   E. Weck & Son is stamped into the framework for the removable blade on the reverse.  Weck has been making razors since 1893 to date.  This set is exciting since everything is there including the instruction book and a pristine case with all the information.  I just picked up three original boxes of blades to go with this great razor: one box is missing one blade the others have all five.   $60    Pictures:    A        B        C              E        F       G        H   

SR67    Simada by S. M. & D.  Manchester,  3/4" wide blade, gimps on the top and bottom of the shank, heavier black scales with a beveled edge, double pinned  short and wide monkey's tail.  When I had this razor polished and honed, I opted not to have all the small marks removed to save the Logo on the blade.  English Steel has a very fine edge.  Priced well  at $105   Pictures:   A       B       C       D        E        F       G   

SR68    J. A. Henkles  (Twin Man) spare blade and the safety cover for a safety razor  $10  Pictures:          B        C   

SR69   XLNT by Wadworth Razor Co.  The back side of the shank is marked 'Germany'.  Beautiful Windmill pattern cast in bass relief with green background coloration.  The blade is 5/8" wide but there is some discoloration and some damage to the point of the cutting edge.  It appears that someone has tried to take care of the damage with a hone, but this will take an expert.  Beautiful display piece and when the point is restored, it will give a fine shave.   $75   Pictures:       B      C      D      E      F       

SR70   Wester's 'Manganese' Steel.  Anchor and Star logo on shank, Wester & Butz   Merscheid- Solingen  on the obverse shank.  7/16" wide blade, rounded end, bone scales, long thin 'monkey's tail'  Shave ready.  $65  Pictures:        B      C       D       E       F      

SR71     John Primble, India Steel Works,  1004-5/8" on the front shank and  Belknap Hd & Mfg. Co. Germany on the obverse.  Black plastic scales, the blade is in superb condition with about perfect finish to the blade and a fine edge.  $80  Pictures:    A        B        C        D        E        F           

SR72     The Jockey Razor,  Maher & Grosch, Toledo, O   3/4" wide blade with barber's notch.  Some freckling to the surface but I can feel no rust with my fingernail.  High hump.  Ivory Scales with one chip by the  pivot rivet.  The name is etched into the ivory and filled with ink. This is a very old razor with a lead spacer, Maher and Grosch were in business starting 1875 and worked until 1990.  Their big area seems to have been with pocket knives.  $140   Pictures:          B        C        D        E        F       G        H 

SR73  J. A.  Henckels,   Solingen Germany  (Twin Man Henckels) made for Davis and Weimescary Co.   Original box with what appears to be Moroccan leather.  French ivory with silver bands on either end with the Twin Man logo on one end.  5/8" wide blade that could use a cleaning.  The shaving edge has no damage, rust, nor nicks.  A session with the hone and strop would give the shave ready edge.    $100   Pictures:   A       B       C       D     E       F       G    

SR74     DAMASCUS STEEL,  ( Real Damascus steel)  FRAME BACK:  The shank is brass and has a slot milled into it to accommodate the blade.  A small screw in the end of the brass holds the blade to secure it in place but it is loose.  SR39 has a similar brass backing to the blade.  The diamond shaped logo on the shank reads:  Registered 10 Sept (on the top)  IXL  (in the middle)   1850  No 243 (on the bottom)  The scales are buffalo horn with the following inscription pressed in and filled with gold at one time:  "The doubly carbonized IXL Razor is warranted to be the cleanest shaving razor, to possess the most durable edge, & that every razor is equally good"   The brass has been abused in trying to seat the blade in a solid manner but that can be forgiven.  How many of  these have you seen?  I bought it from a walk-in at a gun show in Helena, Montana in 1969.  $160  Pictures:    A        B        C        D        E        F    PENDING

SR75    Simon Pure Cutlery Co.  Germany.   Bone scales, well used and honed blade, but it is still 3/4" wide.  It would be a great project piece.   $45  Pictures:    A       B        C        D            

SR76    The Palmer #21, Chicago.  The name has nothing to do with the name of the company, just use your imagination...  Plain black Scales, double pinned, 11/16" wide blade with only one light mark where the blade and the scale make contact.  The blade has no nicks nor damage but needs a good honing and stropping and should be ready for anything.   $75  Pictures:   A       B       C       D       E       F         

SR77      Eve With Flowers scales by A. Herreshoff & Son, Germany  (ships logo).  length open is 9.5"   1/2" blade with some surface rust.  Dull edge needs TLC.  The Eve figure had green color to the flowers, but it has worn away.  The background to Eve and the reverse scale is the Rope pattern.  One small chip by the hinge pin on the reverse side.   This would be a nice project at the price of $30.  Pictures:    A       B       C       D      E     

SR78     MADE EXPRESSLY FOR  W.  A.  SCROGGS, etched into the blade.   Variation of an Eve Razor.  By Wilbert (in a diamond).  Great special order blade with all the extras:  Barber's notch, double sided matching scales.  The yellow scales are double pinned with one missing but replaced by a piece of thin wire.  Very heavy humped back blade.   It will need some stropping. You have the pleasure of removing the original soap in the grooves on the scales.  VERY nice razor and display piece in spite of the wire add-on.  $160   Pictures:       B       C       D       E       F            

SR79    Dixie Blue Steel.  Dixie mfg. Co Union City, GA.  The scales are dark green transparent plastic. Rounded end to blade, no gimps.  5/8" wide.  Nice little razor in need of honing and stropping.  $50  Pictures:   A       B       C            E       F     

SR80    SOLD 

SR81    HEARTRING, H. Eicker & Sohne,  friserwerkzelge, Solingen, Wald.  The blade is etched:  "Heartring-Stosser"  1/2" wide,  6" folded.  Cream colored scales.  double pinned.  Nice clean piece  $60  Pictures:    A        B        C              E        F       

SR82    Wadsworth Razor Co  XLNT (Germany).  9/16" + wide. Ornate scales have head of lady and floral design.  Wadsworth was well know for its beautiful scales.  The obverse scale looks like it has a crack through the pin, but it a discoloration, but the reverse scale has a hairline crack that has not opened.  The blade has no rust, but is slightly discolored, the edge needs honing, square end.  The price is right at $40   Pictures:  A        B        C             E        F        G        H

SR83    Genco De Roma, Geneva N.Y. U.S.A Comes complete with  correct razor box  in excellent condition.  Cream colored French Ivory scales with silver bands on either end of the razor.  The graining is as good as it gets,  Square end to blade, reverse of shank shows: $3.00. obverse shows Genco with a banner with 'DE ROMA' and Genva over N.Y  U.S.A.   One scale is a bit higher than the other (see jpgs) and it needs honing.  $90  Pictures:    A       B       C       D       E       F       G      H       I  

SR84       SOLD

SR85    Wade and Butcher, Sheffield England.  Nice light razor with the Logo of the 'B', the 'Arrow' and the Maltese Cross stamped into the shank.  Square end with a barber's notch.  9/16" wide blade with some water marks that can barely be felt with the fingernail.   It should polish out easily.  It needs honing and a session with the strop.  The wedge in the end of the scales is the very early lead.  The box is original stiff cardboard with expected wear.  A good value at $80  Pictures:    A       B       C       D        E       F       G         

SR86   Hilger & SNE   Remscheid (there is a hallmark of a star over a stylized group of letters)   Etching to Hollow ground blade: Extra Hollow Ground over FULLY WARRANTED.  Has been brought back to a Shave Ready condition.  White celluloid scales with two pins.  Gimps on the underside of the shank.   $70  Pictures:   A       B             D       E       F 

SR87    King Cutter, H. Boker, (Tree Brand) Solingen.  11/16" wide.  The etching on the blade reads:   King Cutter   Registered Hallmark.  The reverse of the shank reads: No. 225C.  Scales are a nice aged cream colored French Ivory.  Only surface staining on the blade, it needs a light honing and stropping.  $70  Pictures:   A       B       C       D            F    

SR88   Top Flight, Burrell Cutlery Co.  Ellicottville, N.Y.  11/16" wide, square end.  White composition scales with what looks like some heat damage to the reverse scale.  Only surface staining to the blade that will clean up easily.  Monkey tail is dark.  $35  Pictures:        B       C       D       E       F       G        H     

SR89      Improved Elastic Razor Stop.  Produced by Wm. Emerson. The paddle handle made it easy to hold when there was not a hook in the motel room for the razor strop.  A nice piece of nostalgia.  $40  Pictures:      A        B                 

SR90       Metalic Tablet & Razor Strop.   Produced by G. Saunders,   Each of the four sides of the strop had a different function and was doubtless easier to carry in a valise so that your clothing was not stained by the rouge on one side of the strop.  $50   Pictures:     A        B        C        D        E         F       G         H   

SR91        E. WECK & SON  N Y.  Travel razor strop boxed, 7" long x1.5" high x 1.66 inches deep.  The strops, red and black, are on a second box that slides inside the first.  It has two compartments that can hold and protect two straight edge razors.  The gold leaf in the bottoms of the impressed logo on the leather box is gone so it is difficult to make out what the rest of the logo says.  $45   Pictures:  A       B       C       D       E        F   

SR92      SOLD

SR93       Edmond Roffler, Traveler's razor strop.  Overall 12.5" from end to end.  Wood handle for the strop.  A red leather side and a brown leather side.  They are mounted on the wood base that has been split lengthwise, forming two equal sides.  Next is a felt layer about  1/8" thick and on top of that is the leather for the stropping.  Not only is the leather flexible while the stropping is done, but the wood slats are flexible as well.  Nice piece of engineering.  The leather shows wear and a few places where the razor nicked the edge.  The box keeps the rouge away from the owner's clothing during the trip.  $45  Pictures:     A       B       C       D       E        

 SR94  Duro Razor Hone.  'Swaty red' 5.25" x  2.0"  in original box with instructions on honing.  Fine grit for a finished edge on razors.  The edges are crisp with no damage.   $20   Pictures:    A       B       C         

 SR95   Cushioned Strop Back Hone   5.5" X 2"X.5"  Made by the Am. Hone Co. Olean, NY USA  Leather hone with a red felt cushion.  Fine grained red hone (like Swaty) with no damage to the edges nor surface.  I think that this could have been used for traveling.  The leather shows use, but has no cuts nor nicks.   $25   Pictures:          B       C   

SR96    "SWATY" Red hone.  It is just under four  inches long, so might have been broken and had one end dressed. I used the name "Swaty" to identify the  red color.  Fine grit for final honing.  $10    Pictures:    A       B            

SR98    SWOTSTEIN,  Tested Quality.  Red hone in nice condition, I see a chip on each corner of the hone by the logo.  The back is too smooth and could use dressing with a mildly abrasive hone.  $20  Pictures:  A       B          

SR100     Red Hone like Swaty hones.  5.75" x 1.75" (hone, not box)  This one has seen quite a bit of use but has but one nick.  The hone was mounted in the box commercially, probably for a Tonsorial Parlor.  The edges of the box have a leaf and vine pattern all around the sides.  There are a few pieces of the vine that has been chipped off, but when you think of the use it has had, that is all right.   Nice piece of history.   $35  Pictures:  A       B       C       D       E        F       

SR101    PARVAROID HONE, American Hone Company, Olean, N.Y. U.S.A..  3.75" long, 2" wide and 3/8" thick.  light weight hone with a couple  of chips in the back.  A decent buy at $5  Pictures:   A      B 

SR102   SWASTIKA.   Swaty red hone 5.25" long and 2" wide.  Nice stone, but it needs dressing with a coarse stone to remove the small nicks if you want a perfectly flat side.  There is no way that they could damage an edge of a razor, but it would look better.  Great buy at $15   Pictures:         B        C        D   

SR104  RAVEN.  5.5" Long by 2" wide.  chips in the edges but not on the flats.  Great price at $18   Pictures:           B         C       

SR105    X-RAY HONE FOR SWEDISH RAZORS.  5.25" x  2"   Dark brown  hone with very little damage.  something has been spilled on the reverse and one chip in the obverse edge.  $30  Pictures:    A        B        C   














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