Insignia IV
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USAF1    Party Suit Patch.  I guess that patch is still the correct word for one that is 9.5" across.  SOUTHEAST ASIAN WAR GAMES    PARTICPANT  with the peace symbol in the center.  (Mama-san forgot to include the 'I' in Participant.)  The vet took it off and ran it through the wash, W is worn but the rest is fine.  No question that this is an in-country patch.  Has been sewn on and some of the thread is still there.  This is the only one I have ever owned.  $135    Pictures:       A        B

USAF2    Pair: 2952 CLSS, one Philippines made (gauze back)  and the other issue 3.5" high.  $15    Pictures:       A        B        C          

USAF3    1550th  CTTY, out of Hill Air Force Base, Utah in the 1980's.    $10    Pictures:            B 

USAF4    550th Silver Eagles, 4.33" high, excellent condition.  $25        Picture

USAF5     128 Bomb Squadron.  Nice patch,. 4" X 4", Was active in WWII flying B17 flying fortresses, and active from WWI to present.   Has been sewn on a uniform but is in very nice condition.  $15   Pictures:          B     

USAF6    Pacific Air Force, large patch, 4" high.  $20    Pictures:      A        B   

USAF7    81st Tactical Fighter Wing.  Gunsmoke '89.  5 3/8" high and 4 3/8" wide.  beautiful patch that has never been sewn.  $35    Pictures:               B    

USAF8    34th TACFTR SQ,  "RAMS"   Out of Hill AFB Utah.  4" high $15    Pictures:      A        B   

USAF9    JC-130 FLIGHT  INSTRUCTOR.   3" high.    $20    Pictures:            B   

UAF10    51st Civil  Engineering Squadron.   3.75" high,   Unusual patch. $20  Pictures:         B 

USAF11   4th TAC FTR SQ.  "Fightin Fuujins" flew out of Hill Air Force Base in Utah.  3 7/8" high and 3" wide.  never been sewn.  $30    Pictures:      A        B   

USAF12     Adversary Patch  "Eagle Shooter"  Flew Migs during Fighter Competition.  3 3/8" in diameter, very clean.  $40  Pictures:    A        B   

USAF13    1514th TEST SQUADRON.    QUAERITE OPTIMUM, 3.75" high by 3" wide. Stationed at Hill AFB in 1970.  Flew special purpose aircraft of the70's. Flew DC-130's and CH-3 for MARS Retrieval System for the FIRE BEE.   $15  Pictures:    A        B  


USAF15    PACIFIC  AIR  FORCES.  3" high,   $3    Pictures:       A        B     

USAF16    ALASKAN   AIR  COMMAND.  Has been sewn on, not the usual plastic backing.  3" high,   $5    Pictures:             B   

USAF17    421st  FIGHTER   SQ,   BLACK  WIDOWS.  out of Hill AFB  Utah.    3.5" high.  $15    Pictures:       A        B   

USAF18    823rd Red Horse, Elite armed Engineers group.  looks to be Korean made.  $45    Pictures:     A        B   

USAF19    3rd Tactical Fighter Wing,  Philippine made, has been sewn on.  $30    Pictures:       A        B     

USAF20    552nd  AWAC  WING,  3.6" high.   $15    Pictures:            B     

USAF21    5030th Air Transport Squadron.  Alaska based support group formed in 1951.  4" tall and 3  3/4" wide.  The only one that I have owned of this kind.  $40    Pictures:           B   

USAF22    28th  AIR  DIVISION,    3" high.   $10    Pictures:      A        B     

USAF23    37th  BOMB   SQUADRON,  earlier, not plastic backing.  3.5"  high.    $15    Pictures:      A        B     

USAF24    6514th  TEST   SQUADRON,  QUAERITE   OPTIMUM. has been sewn on.  3.75 " high.  $15    Pictures:          B   

USAF25    507th Tactical Fighter Group, $20    Pictures:     A        B   

USAF26    388th  CRS.  3" high.    $10    Pictures:     A        B     

USAF27    Pacific Air Force, made in the Philippines,  unusual, and the issue patch both for  $30    Pictures:     A        B                

USAF28    338th   AMS    3" high.    $20    Pictures:    A        B      

USAF29    421st  PILOT'S  PATCH.  "BLACK   WIDOWS".  complete with the 'Made in Taiwan' patch.   See USAF32   $20   Pictures:    A        B   

USAF30   B-18 Test Team, Test unit based at Ovess Air Force Base, Texas.  $25    Pictures:    A        B   

USAF31    2nd Mobile Aerial Port SQ.  "Secundus Ad Nihil"  (second to none)  5" high by 3 7/8" wide never been sewn.  $40  Pictures:          B       

USAF32    421st Tactical Fighter Squadron, "Black Widows"  (See USAF29, nice pair)    $15   Pictures:     A        B   

USAF33    964th  AWACS,  Velcro backed patch, 3.5" high.  $15    Pictures:      A        B   

USAF34    963rd  AWACS,    Velcro backed patch, 3.5" high.  $15    Pictures:     A        B      

USAF35    F-104 Hat Patch   "Starfighter"   $50    Pictures:    A        B   

USAF36    USAF Occupational Measurement Center, not commonly encountered.  $10    Pictures:    A        B     

USAF37    75th MAS flew C-5 Galaxy out of Travis AFB    $20    Pictures:     A        B   

USAF38    303rd AAR Squadron,  "Serviens Ut Servet"  Air Rescue and refueling patch with the Red Cross armband on the elephant and a medical bag in his trunk.  Vietnam era patch,  A good unit to have backing you up!   Probably Ace Novelty, but this one is different in that it is very soft and flexible just like the ones that Mama-san used to make.    Has been sewn on.  $40  Pictures:    A        B    

USAF39    14th MAS, flew C-141 out of Pope AFB.  $15 each,  I have two.    Pictures:     A        B      

USAF40    41st Tactical Airlift Squadron, out of Pope AFB, flew C-130's.   One small stitching flaw.   $10   Pictures:      A        B   

USAF41    9th MAS, out of Dover AFB, flew C-5's. I have two of these.  $15    Pictures:   A        B   

USAF42    41st ARRS from Treasure Island,1970's    $15    Pictures:           B   

USAF43     102nd ANGS, an ARRS patch from the 70's     $15  Pictures:    A         

USAF44    317th TAC Airlift WG out of Littlerock, Arkansas.  $10    Pictures:     A        B   

USAF45     554th Red Horse. Specialized group to support the USAF.  Tough people.  This one has the logo, NOS DUCEMOS SEMPER under the RED HORSE.  Hard to find. This one is in country made with gauze backing to the stitching.  $35  Pictures:     A          B    

USAF46    552nd Aggressor Force.  Flew MIG's during fighter competition.  Tough piece to find.  $30  Pictures:           B   

USAF47    Tactical Air Command, $4    Pictures:    A        B   

USAF48    3rd Tactical Fighter Wing out of Clark AFB    $10    Pictures:   A        B   

USAF49    554 GESHR RED HORSE.  In Country Muted patch that has been sewn on.  Fine gauze as backing  to the stitching.   Difficult piece to find in any condition.  $35  Pictures:  A          B    

USAF50    466 Tactical Fighter Squadron,  "Diamond Backs"  beautiful patch, $20    Pictures:           B   

USAF51    313th Tactical Airlift Wing, large version.  $20    Pictures:     A        B   

USAF52    313th Tactical Airlift Wing, smaller version.  $10    Pictures:     A        B   

USAF53    30th MAS, flew C-141's, $20    Pictures:     A        B   

USAF54    C-1441B Starlifter.  $30    Pictures:           B   

USAF56    48th Tactical Airlift Squadron.  Large version of this patch, based in Korea, $20    Pictures:   A        B   


USAF58   186th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron, Malaysian in-country made patch.  I have two available  $25    Pictures:    A        B   

USAF59   36th Transportation Helicopter.  Almost 4" high, 36th Transportation Co., Light Helicopter from the late 50's possibly early 60's.     $35    Pictures:           B   

USAF60    8th TAC FTR SQDN    "The Black Sheep"  $15    Pictures:          B      

USAF61    1550 ATTWG, the testing and training wing patch was made in the Philippines for the Hill AFB wing. I have two    $20 each.    Pictures:             

USAF62    3224th TAC out of Ramstein AFB    $10   Pictures:     A        B     

USAF63    4630 Tactical Airlift Wing, out of Bergstrom AFB    $15    Pictures:           B   

USAF64    Military Airlift Command, 4" versions, I have six.    $10  each    Pictures:             

USAF65    419th Tactical Fighter Wing.  $15    Pictures:            B   

USAF66    40th Airlift Squadron, 'Screaming Eagles', Velcro backed. I have two of these beauties.   $15    Pictures:    A         

USAF67     21st Tactical Fighter Wing,  Out of Elmendorf AFB in Alaska.  tough to find.  3"X3"  $15    Pictures:    A        B      

USAF68    436th TAC FTR TNG SQ.    $10    Pictures:    A        B      

USAF69    124th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 3.5" tall.  $15  Pictures:    A        B   

USAF70    388th Squadron:  "LIBERTAS VELMORS"  Out of Hill Air Force Base.  $10    Pictures:   A          

USAF71    8th TAC FTR WG.  Korean made patch in excellent condition.  $30    Pictures:    A        B   

USAF72    98th Bomb Squadron,  "E SEMPRE CORA"  Nice patch in perfect condition.  $20    Pictures:            B     

USAF73    US Air Force Academy, 4" tall, has been sewn on.  a good buy at $15.    Pictures:      A        B   

USAF74    81st Army Air Transport Squadron.  (Grasshoppers)  Over 5" across.    $35    Pictures:           B  

USAF75    10AF FIGHTER COMP,  83  Nice tinsel piece in great condition.  $20   Pictures:     A         B   

USAF76    8th Supply Squadron.  (Stingers)      $25   Pictures:     A        B     

USAF77     Air Rescue Service.  An in-country loom made patch from the 50's,  over 4.5" high.    $40    Pictures:    A        B   

USAF78     554th Red Horse,  NOS DUGEMOS SEMPER.  Muted, has been sewn on.   Nice in-country patch. 4  1/8" high and 3 1/4" wide.   $40  Pictures:     A        B   

USAF79    179th  FIS CAVE CANUM.    out of Deluth International.       $20    Pictures:    A        B   

USAF80    129th Combined Support Squadron out of CA. in the 1960's  4" wide      $20    Pictures:     A       B  

USAF81    15th Military Airlift Squadron.  Deep  Freeze 61-62.  Gauze backed, has been sewn on.  3 1/2" by 2  7/8" wide.  A rare patch in nice condition   $35 Pictures:    A       B 

USAF82    196th Air Supply Helicopter Company,  "We Haul It All."  Unusual patch, has been sewn on.  $15    Pictures:     A         B    PENDING                                                                                                                                                                     

USAF83    21st CIVIL ENGR SQ.  "Can Do   Will Do"  4" high by 2 5/8" wide.  tough patch to find.  $30    Pictures:   A        B   

USAF84    388th Libertas Velmors.  Out of Hill Air Force Base, Ogden, UT.  flight suit size just over 4" wide.   $15    Pictures:     A        B   

USAF85    435th Tactical Airlift Wing  out of Rhein Mein AFB in Germany.    in-country patch    $20    Pictures:          B   

USAF86    57th Mil. ALFT. SQDN.  C-141 Starlifter.  it has all the appearances of being in-country.    $20    Pictures:    A        B  

USAF87      32 TACTICAL AIRLIFT SQUADRON.  4.5' high and 4" wide.  no indication that it has been sewn on a tunic.  Excellent condition.  $25    Pictures:    A        B 

USAF88    USAF TACTICAL WARFARE CENTER.    plastic backed,    $15    Pictures:            B   

USAF89    508 Tactical Fighter GP    This group was out of Hill AFB, UT.  plastic backed    $15    Pictures:     A        B   

USAF90    USAF Academy,      $5    Pictures:           B   

USAF91     151st Air Refueling Group out of Salt Lake City    muted, plastic backed    $5    Pictures:     A        B   

USAF92    35th TAC. Fighter Sqdn.      $15    Pictures:            B      

USAF93    552nd WG.      wings made to sew on the ball cap.    $15    Pictures:     A        B   

USAF94    TAC  Tactical Air Command, 3" tall, muted, Velcro back for use on the flight suit.  I have two of these.  $3  Pictures:            B   

USAF95     Air Force Space Command,  3" tall, muted, issue piece in excellent condition.  $3    Pictures:     A        B   

USAF96    401st Supply Squadron.  "Heart of Logistics"  3.5" tall, muted, plastic backed.  I have several of these.  $3    Pictures:      A        B   

USAF97    US Air Force in Europe,  Winged star with flaming sword.  Nice piece.  I have several of these.  $3    Pictures:    A         B


USAF99    625th MASG,    Material Air Supply Group.  3" tall, muted, plastic backed, excellent.  $3    Pictures:     A        B










Grouping: Complete set of Antarctica exploration patches. 14 patches purchased from the National Geographic photographer who documented the whole exploration from 1962-1965. Included are patches from the bases and units in New Zealand that are just about impossible to obtain. The 'Antarctic Ski Club' patch is still in the package. The set for $450, about $32 each. Pictures:     A         B                       E         F                       I         J         K         L         M         N         O         P         Q         R 

USN1    VF74 Tomcat, Philippine made small version: 'Stars and bars',    exc.    $20    Pictures:   A        B      

USN2    VF-74 'bedeviled Baby"    Gun sight type, Philippine made. Exc.    $20    Pictures:  A        B    

USN3    VF-2  "Bounty Hunters".  5" tall and 4" wide.  F-14 (Tomcats) Squadron based on the Enterprise.  Flew over Saigon in support of Operation Frequent Wind.  three spots of adhesive on the back but they can be removed.  $25   Pictures:    A        B   

USN4    Attack Squadron 127, Pacific Fleet Adversary.  Squadron  of  MIGs that  trained and flew out of Fallon Air Force Base.  5" high.  $30    Pictures:          B     

USN5    Tomcat A+,    US made    (I have two)  Exc.    $25    Pictures:      A        B     

USN6    (USMC) Marine Aviation Training Support Group, Whidby Island  $15    Pictures:      A        B   

USN7    ATKRON 155, Silver Foxes.  Flew A-7.    $25  Pictures:      A        B

USN8    F14 Triangle, Generic, 5" tall.  exc.    $20   Pictures:       A        B     

USN9    VF-301, "Devil's Disciples".  Flew F-14's,  $20    Pictures:              B   

USN10    VF-194, 'Red Lightning, Dictum Factum, Baby', Taiwan made    exc.    $20    Pictures:      A        B     

USN11    Tomcat F-14, Generic round white boarder, exc.    $20    Pictures:       A        B      

USN12    VF-24, Tomcat patch, black backed, glue and paper on back, $20    Pictures:      A        B     

USN13    VC-3, Fleet Competition Squadron 3.   Patch from the late 50's early 60's    $30    Pictures:       A        B     

USN14   United States Navy Cache.  $20    Pictures:     A        B     

USN15    Patron 8, "Tigers", (updated P-3C)  $20   Pictures:     A        B   

USN16    ATKRON-55  "War Horses",  Flew A-7    $25    Pictures:    A        B     

USN17    USS Constellation, CV-64,  Great Carrier Patch!   $25    Pictures:      A        B     

USN18    Shoulder arc collection.  WWII and Post 1945.  45 on the board mounted on sticky backed tape.  The set is yours for $30     Picture       

USN19    VF-154, 'The Black Knights', $20    Pictures:      A        B       

USN20    VF-101, The Grim Reapers.   Feb. 1971, VF-101 was assigned to Commander Fleet Air Norfork from Key West  (Command Fighter Wing ONE)  it's history goes back to WWII  as Fighter Squadron TEN on June 3 1942 at NAS flying the F4F WILDCAT.  This patch is 5  3/8" high and 4  3/4" wide.  Mostly found on Party Uniforms or Jump Suits.  $35   Pictures:   A        B    

USN21    Patron 22, ASW Group    Exc.    $25    Pictures:     A        B     

USN22    ATKRON 153,   'Blue-tail Flies',  Nam period (1964-1972)  patch 5" across.  Seldom encountered but this one is excellent and never sewn on a jacket or 'Party Suit'.  $80   Pictures:    A        B    

USN23    Atkron-174, 'Purple Bird', Japanese made, exc.    $25    Pictures:      A        B       

USN24    Seal Team Patches, All five teams with a duplicate of Seal Team 2.  Six patches for $65    Pictures:      A        B        C        D        E   

USN25    Attackron 66, 'The Waldoman', exc.    $20    Pictures:       A        B     

USN26   VF-103, "The Sluggers"  (Fighting 103's)   4.5" high.  $25    Pictures:       A        B   

USN27   ATTACKRON 66,  VA66, Waldoman.   4.5" high,   Flew A-7 in Nam.  Newer version of USN25    $25    Pictures:             B     

USN28    AirAntiSubron-41, 'Shamrocks', exc.    $35    Pictures:             B     

USN29     Operation Desert Shield,  Flew F-14 during the Iraq War.  Tom Cat is wearing desert camo with the F14 and Iraq flag.   4  1/2" high and 3  1/2" wide, Nice piece!!  $30      Pictures:          B   

USN30    VF-38 Post Korean War showing a black fighting Game Cock on a light blue circle patch.  5 1/4" in diameter.  excellent condition.   $40   Pictures:    A        B    

USN31    VA-15  (AEWRON) Early warning group that flew C121 in Nam.  Nice patch 4.75" high.   $25    Pictures:      A         

USN32    VF-92  Fighting 92nd Silver Kings, 5" high, flew F4N in Nam.  $20    Pictures:      A        B   

USN33    Pacific Atoll Divers, Nuclear ship.    $15    Pictures:        A        B    

USN34    VA-185 "NIGHTHAWKS"   4.25" high.  $20   Pictures:        A        B   

USN35    VF-884, "Bitter Birds"  Flew during the Korean conflict, but had flown during WWI up to 1949 when they were moved to a reserve unit.  When they were recalled to active duty, they referred to themselves as the bitter birds.  This one is 'party suit' size of 5" in diameter.  Flew out of Olather, KS    A difficult patch to find!   $35  Pictures:          

USN36    VF-151, "Vigilantes" Flew F-14's.  5" high.  $20    Pictures:     A        B   

USN37    VMA214  "BLACK SHEEP"   (USMC) 5" high and 3 7/8" wide.  has been sewn on.  Japanese made patch during the Korean War.  slight soiling to the center of the patch.  A tough patch to find in any condition $125   Pictures:       A        B    PENDING

USN38    VF-211, 'Checkmates', F-14's,  4.5" tall,   $25    Pictures:     A        B    

USN39    Fighter Squadron 201, F-4 Era, exc. $20    Pictures:              B     

USN40    Attack Squadron 305,  "Lobos", flew A-7E. 4" tall.  $25    Pictures:      A        B  

USN41    Atkron 133, "Blue Knights".  exc.    $20    Pictures:       A        B      

USN42    VF-94 "The Shrikes"  5" high, Attack Squadron 94 flew A-7E.  $25    Pictures:      A        B    

USN43    Attack Squadron 95, "Green Lizards", flew A-6E. 4.5" tall   $25    Pictures:      A         

USN44    VF-126, "The Bad Guys".  Aggressors.  Bandits who flew MIGs to give our pilots practice in flying against an opposing force.    $45    Pictures:        A        B      

USN45    VF-201, 4.75" high, Fighter Squadron flew A-7A out of NAS Dallas    $20    Pictures:      A        B     

USN46    VB-20, 4.5" across, nice variation of Felix the cat and a large skull.  $35    Pictures:       A            

USN47    Fighting 126, Pacific Fleet Adversary.  Out of Fallon Air Force Base.  4" high,  $45    Pictures:        A        B   

USN48    VF-194, Red Lightning, Dictum Factum.   'Party suit' size of 6.5" across.  Probably Japanese made.  $40   Pictures:     A        B   

USN49    ATKRON 72, Blue Hawks.  Flew A-4E, 6" high.  $20    Pictures:      A        B      

USN50    ATKRON 81, Crusaders.  Flew Pantheon A-4 in the late 50's and early 60's.    5" high.  $25   Pictures:       A        B   

USN51    Kiss of Death, Attack Squadron 12, flew F-4 and A-2E.  This is the hat/ascot patch and is very unusual.   2" diameter.  $25    Pictures:     A        B    

USN52    Kiss of Death, Attack Squadron 12, large version of USN51 with the lower arc.   4.25" high.  $30    Pictures:      A        B     

USN53    ATKRON 304, Fire Birds. (later version)  Flew Corsairs in the 70's.  4.75" high.    $20    Pictures:      A        B     

USN54    ATKRON 304, Fire Birds, early version with more detail to skull.  Based in Los Alamos and flew A-4.  4" high.   $25    Pictures:              B     

USN55    VF-2, Fighting Two, Bounty Hunters.  Flew F-14.  4.25" high.  $20    Pictures:      A        B      

USN56    VA-22, Red Cocks Attack Squadron.  Flew A-7E out of NAS Miramar.  5.25" high.    $20    Pictures:         A        B     

USN57    VF-102, Diamondbacks,  F-14 fighter squadron.  4.6" high.  $20    Pictures:      A        B    

USN58    VF-41, Spade Man, F-14 fighter squadron.  5" high.    $25    Pictures:      A        B      

USN59    VA-128, Intruder.  4.3" high.  mate to USN60.  $15  Pictures:    A        B         

USN60    VA-128, Golden Intruder.  Nice triangle patch with gold 'tinsel' 4.75" high.  $30    Pictures:       A        B   

USN61    VA-145, ATKRON 145.  5" high.  $20    Pictures:      A        B    

USN62    VA-116,  "Silver Foxes"  5.75" high, Nice Nuclear patch.  $40    Pictures:       A        B     

USN63    Fighting 74th, "Blue Devils".  F-14-D squadron, 5.5" high.  $25    Pictures:      A        B     

USN64    VF-161, "Chargers"  4.75" high, Flew F-4N out of Atsugi, Japan.  Some glue on the back, but a very hard patch to find.  $20    Pictures:      A        B     

USN65    ATKRON 216, "BLACK DIAMONDS"  over 5" high, flewA-7E our of NAS Miramar.    $25    Pictures:     A        B   

USN66    WESTPAC 1981, CV-63.  "THE HAWK IS BACK"  Kitty Hawk,  5" high.    $30    Pictures:     A        B   

USN67     F-14a  Tomcat 'he is my prefered toy'  Philippine made.  5 3/4" high and 4 3/4" wide  Note the spelling of 'prefered'.   party suit piece   $45   Pictures:          B    

USN68    VF-1, Red Wolf.  3.8" high.    $2    Pictures:              B    

USN69    VA-212 Rampant Raiders.  Flew Douglas A4E Skyhawk off of the CVA-19 during Vietnam.  Nice Party Patch:  6" high and 5" wide.  $45  Pictures:         B   

USN70    VA-155, ATTACK SQUADRON, flew A-4F, 4.5" high.  $30    Pictures:            B     

USN71    VA-46, "FINAL CHAPTER"  The last A-7 assignment in DESERT STORM.  a must for the Desert Storm collectors.  4.5" high.  $50    Pictures:       A        B   

USN72    VA-0686,  Flew A-4 out of NAS Key West.  $20    Pictures:       A        B   

USN74    VP-30, PATROL SQUADRON 30,  (ASW)  4.25" high,  $25    Pictures:       A        B     

USN75    ATTACK SQUADRON 95,  "The Green Lizards" Larger version of USN43,  5" high.  $45    Pictures:      A        B   

USN76    TEAM 22 UNDERWATER DEMOLITION , Nice Frogman patch in excellent condition.  $15   Picture

USN77    75TH FIGHTER SQUADRON, "TOP HATS'  4.25" high, has the very early Black (faded to purple) and gold Ace Novelty, Tokyo, Japan   tag on the back.  issued for 6 months only then went to an Attack Squadron, flew Demons, difficult to find in any condition.  Exc. $100   Pictures:        A        B   

USN78    GHOST RIDERS,,  Flew F-14's,  Japanese made patch a little smaller than the issue patches.  4  7/8" tall. ( See USN90 for the large variation)   $40    Pictures:             B     

USN79    VFA-131, "The Wildcats" Flew F-18's.  4.5" tall.  $25    Pictures:     A        B     

USN81    VFA-137, Flew F-18's, Theater made patch, has been sewn on.  3.75" tall.  unusual patch.  $40    Pictures:     A        B   

USN82    VFA-192,  "Atomic Systems".  Flew F-18's our of Japan, this is one of the Japanese made patches.   4" tall.  $30    Pictures:      A        B     

USN83    AGM-88A, HARM missile system.  $20    Pictures:           B     

USN84    Naval Air Combat Range.    Altoona, Florida.  $20    Pictures:       A        B   

USN85    Darts ASW.  Atomic System Wing.  $20    Pictures:      A        B    

USN86    VFA 81  Sunliners, Any Time, any Place.  3" in diameter. unusual patch since it is round.  $25  Pictures:   

USN87    VFA 81, "Sunliners".  Larger of the Sunliner patches, 4.3" high.  $30    Pictures:     A        B     

USN88    Strike Force Squadron 303, "Golden Hawks".  4.5" high  $25    Pictures:       A        B   

USN89    F-14 Super Sonic Attack.  "Bombcat, No Escort Required".  great M-14 patch  3.75" high.  $30  Pictures:     A        B   

USN90    GhostRiders,  Large variation  of 78,  Tag still on the back: Made in Taiwan, R. O. C.   Flew F-14-D.  6" high.  $35  Pictures:            B     

USN92    CVW-11, USS Carl Virssoy,  Nice clean carrier patch priced right at  $20    Pictures:     A        B   

USN93    VFA-122  "Flying Eagles".  Gold tinsel background, 3.75" high,  flew F-16's.  $30    Pictures:       A        B   

USN94    S-3, 'Vikings'  Anti Submarine unit.  4" high.  $20    Pictures:     A        B       

USN97    ATKRON-64, "Black Lancers".  Flew A-4, this is a reunion piece. 6.5" high.  $25    Pictures:           B  

USN98   AGM-45 A-9A,  "Shrike G-Bias"    Mobile Air to Ground missile detection unit.  3.5" high 3" wide.  $20  Pictures:          B    

USN99    VFA-132, "Privateers",  Flew F-18's   4" high  3.25" wide,   $20    Pictures:    A        B       

USN100   Strike Fighter Squadron 195,  "Dambusters "  Flew F-18's, Japanese made patch with tag on back.   4.5" high 4" wide, $30  Pictures:    A        B  

USN101    Attack Squadron 93, flew F-14's,  4" high 3.6" wide.  $20    Pictures:          B   

USN102   Strike Fighter Squadron 15,  Flew F-18's, 4" high 4" wide,  $20    Pictures:          B   

USN103    USS Ranger CV-61,  Aircraft Carrier, 5" in diameter, wonderful patch.  $30    Pictures:          B    

USN104    USS Ranger scout patch, 200 flights, 3.5"  high 3" wide.  $20    Pictures:    A        B   

USN105    VA-164, "Ghost Riders". Flew F-14-D in Nam.  5" high 4.5" wide.  $25    Pictures:            

USN106    186th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron.  4" high  3" wide.  $15    Pictures:    A        B   

USN107    USS Constellation, Westpac 89, fighter competition patch from  1989, 4" high 3.5" wide.  nice 'Tom Cat' patch.  $25  Pictures:           B   







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