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WWI Collar Disks     (all are screw back)

CD1    Medical caduceus, good dark finish, has nut, slight bend to the right hand side.  This is the way it came off of the uniform.  $30    Picture

CD2    US.   has nut, deep detail to the 'US' and background.  very little blackened finish is gone.  $25  Pictures:          B   

CD3    US.   no nut, deep detail to the US and background. much of the darkened finish remains.  $10   Picture 

CD4    Quartermaster Corp.  Has nut, excellent patina, no bright copper showing at all,   $20    Picture 

CD5    US Reserve, R in box superimposed on the US.  Hard piece to find but priced right at   $15       Picture

CD6    US National Army, NA in a box superimposed on the US, no nut, crisp details, great blackened copper.    $15      Picture

CD8    US 6,  6th Company, no nut, light finish,   $15    Picture

CD11    Medical, no nut, high points on caduceus show copper.    $15    Picture

CD12    Medical caduceus, no nut, looks like the post has been re-soldered.  $15    Picture

CD13    Flight, no nut, good detail to the wings, prop, and dotted background.  Slight wear to the high spots.  $35   Picture      

CD16    Engineer 'A'.   has nut, nice detail and patina, $20  Picture  PENDING

CD17   Engineer,  no letter for company.  98% black finish remains, the little wear to the copper has gone dark.  $15    Picture  

CD18    US National Army  (USNA)  has nut,   $15    Picture

CD19    United States Aero Service, no nut, beautiful condition.  $35    Picture    

CD20    Infantry, Company 'H', no nut, great 'chocolate brown' finish.  $10    Picture    

CD21    US 3,  no nut,  Third Company, A little gold color to the copper but it is going black again. Very hard to find.  $20    Picture  

CD22    Engineer 'B', 11th Division, lots of the blackening left on the copper, no nut.  $ 10    Picture    PENDING

CD23    US 63, has silver finish to front, 2nd Division and 63rd  Company.  no nut.  $10   Picture

CD24    SOLD



CD25    ILL.  Illinois, sb, brass, no nut. smooth disk, small spot under letters.  $5  Picture    

CD26    Quartermaster Corp, sb, no nut, gold finish, waffle pattern disk, star stamped into back.  $15  Picture

CD27    Infantry HQ, waffle pattern disk, screw back has nut, wear to the gold. $8    Picture

CD29    Head Quarters, two piece construction, screw back has nut.  $8   Picture  

CD30    US over 63, 11th division, 63rd company, sb, no nut, silver finish,  fine waffle pattern, no stamp nor hallmark. $10    Picture  

CD31   Infantry CO 'H'.  gold finish, no nut.  fine waffle pattern, no hallmark.  $10    Picture   

CD32    US, sb, no nut, gold finish, very fine waffle pattern, no hallmark.  $5    Picture    

CD33    Artillery over 3, sb, no nut, gold finish, fine waffle pattern, no hallmark,  $7    Picture  

CD34    US, screw back has nut, gold finish worn, $7    Picture

CD35    ROTC, sb, no nut, gold finish, fine waffle pattern, exc.  $7    Picture

CD36    Infantry, 3rd Co.  no nut,  A. E. Co. Utica NY.  slight wear to the gold, good waffle pattern.  $10    Picture

CD37    Artillery Company F, sb with nut, gold finish, waffle pattern, hard to find.  $10    Picture

CD38    Infantry Company A, sb no nut, gold finish, waffle pattern, $7    Picture

CD39    Infantry Company B, sb, no nut, no hallmark, gold finish, waffle pattern, $7    Picture

CD40    Infantry Company E.  No hall mark, good gold, no nut.  $7    Picture 

CD41    Medical Officer Caduceus, sb, no nut, no hallmark, slight wear to the gold finish, waffle pattern.   $10   Pictures:    A         

CD42    Infantry Company H, sb, no nut, no hallmark, worn gold finish, waffle pattern, $7    Picture

CD43    Engineer Company B, sb, no nut, no hallmark, worn gold finish but hard to find.  $12    Picture 

CD44    U.S. with WN overlaid, sb, no nut, Officer grade, bright gold finish, no hallmark, the green is from my scanner, sorry.  $15    Picture

CD45    US over 131.  131st Company, good gold, no nut, no hallmark.  $7  Picture  

CD46    US over 14, 5th division.  14th Company, 5th Division, no hall mark, no nut.  slight wear to the high spots on the gold.  great waffle pattern.  $10    Picture  

CD48    US 4th Div.  no nut, 2nd and 3rd Divisions.  $10  Picture  

CD49    US with WIS superimposed over 121, sb, no nut, star in bas relief on back, waffle pattern, exc.  $10    Picture

CD50    Infantry, I company, sb, no nut, star on back, worn gold finish, waffle pattern, $7    Picture

CD51    3rd Infantry, sb, no nut, no hallmark, gold finish, waffle pattern,   $7    Picture

CD52    19th Division, sb, no nut, no hallmark, gold finish, waffle pattern, Exc.    $10    Picture

CD53    US 6th Division,  no nut, nice waffle back.  $10  Picture  

CD54    Quartermaster, gold finish, no nut, star on back.  $20 Picture  

CD55    Musician,  thin gold finish, no nut.  $10  Picture

CD56    U.S. over 53, two piece, has nut, thin gold wash.  $15  Picture

CD57    ROTC, clutch back, good gold, Shield with 22 over M  $7  Picture

CD58    Coastal Artillery, 'B'   no nut, nice patina, $15  Picture 











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Distinctive Insignia     (pb= pin back, cb= clutch back)    

DI1   504th Air Bourne, cb on the green felt epaulette band.  Denmark,  $10  Pictures:  A        B   

DI2    Artillery Training Center, Fort Sill,  no maker, cb,  sorry about the tag glue on the back.  $5    Pictures:  A        B    

DI4    Field Arty School in Fort Sill. Ira Green inc.  I have a pair for $10    Pictures:         B        C   

DI5    Field Infantry, cb, Ira Green Inc.     $3    Pictures:    A        B    

DI6    29th Signals Battalion, cb, NS Meyer, $5    Pictures:    A          

DI7    82nd Air Bourne Signals Battalion, cb, Denmark,  $5    Pictures:    A        B    

DI9    507th Air Bourne Division, cb, no maker,  $5    Pictures:    A        B    

DI10    Engineering School, cb, no maker, $10    Pictures:    A        B    

DI11    Medical, screw back has been added, no maker.  $7    Pictures:  A        B    

DI12    Army War College,  WWII, pb, Meyer,     $10    Pictures:    A        B    

DI13    30th Infantry Division, Javelina, WWII, pb, Meyer, rare piece.  $20    Pictures:    A        B    

DI14    12th Field Artillery. screw back, Meyer, vary small chip on left hand side, rare early piece.  $15    Pictures:    

DI16    2nd Chemical.  WWII, pb, Meyer, scarce.  $12     Pictures:          B   

DI17    45th Field artillery (60's)  cb,  M. S. Meyer,  N. Y. USA with both shields.  $10  Pictures:   A      B 

DI19    2nd Signal Co.    cb, no maker, one pin has been re-glued, sorry but the price is right.    $8    Pictures:    A        B    

DI20    Unknown,  cb,  Larger DI with blue and white background.  Crossed arrow and sword over a defensive symbol.  $5  Pictures:    A        B   

DI21    1st Medical Squad, pb, hinge has been re-soldered.  Hard pin to find.   $15    Pictures:    A        B    

DI22    26th Field Artillery, pb, Meyer, $12    Pictures:    A        B    

DI23    121st Infantry Reg.  pb, P23 made in USA on back.  I have two.   $5 each   Pictures:    A       B  

DI24    221st Army, cb, P23    $8    Pictures:    A        B    

DI25    Third Year Class Army Military Academy, Meyer, insignia held in place by rivets, pb, I have three.  $4 Each, all for $10    Pictures:    A        B    

DI26    63rd, Armored BTN.  cb, E25 maker, $5    Picture:   A        B    

DI27    Special Forces, cb, D22    $7    Pictures:    A        B    

DI28    New Mexico Military Institute: Instructor.  Complete with slip-over.  pb,  $15 for the pair    Picture    

DI29   14th Rangers.  cb,  no maker.  excellent.  $15    Pictures:             

DI30    Air Corp Technical School, screw back, no maker, $12    Pictures: A        B    

DI31    2nd Infantry, screw back, no maker, $12    Pictures:    A        B    

DI32    3rd Engineers, cb, Meyer (M22)    $5    Pictures:    A        B    

DI33    27th Engineers, cb, no maker, $5    Pictures:    A        B    

DI34    34th Eng. Combat team.  cb, Vanguard V21,  Made in USA   I have four.  $5 each   Pictures:  A       B 

DI35    Pair: Airways Communications/Traffic Control.  Theater made pin back DI with no maker.  Excellent cloisonné.  The Pair for $50    Pictures:    A        B    


DI37     1st Division HQ,   cb, E 23,    $5     Pictures:         B   

DI38    16th Quartermaster, 7th Cavalry.  cb, old, $10    Pictures:          B    

DI39    Engineer communications, cb, Meyer, $3    Pictures:    A        B    

DI41    Field Artillery School, cb, Meyer, $10    Pictures:    A        B    

DI42    46th Engineer BTN.  cb, Meyer, $5,  I have three and will take $12 for all.  Pictures:    A        B    

DI43    12th Infantry, pb, Vangard, $15    Pictures:    A        B    

DI44    Signal Corps,  cb, P23, made in USA  $6    Pictures:   A        B   

DI45    4th  Coastal Artillery, screw back, Meyer, beautiful pin! $15    Pictures:    A        B    

DI46    4th Tank Company, pb, no maker, unusual pin.  $25    Pictures:   A        B    

DI47     Fitzsimons Army Hospital, located in Denver.  Meyer,  nice piece!    $6   Pictures:    A        B   

DI49    125th Infantry,   screw back with the nut,  "let the drum beat"  Hessian Lion, appears to be WWI, a little wear.  $15    Pictures:          B    

DI50    1st Quartermaster,  pb, M-21 Made in USA,   $6     Pictures:   A        B       

DI51    53rd Quartermaster Corp,  pb, Meyer, $10    Pictures:    A        B    

DI52    46th Field Artillery, pb, hallmark has been stroked out, if you can tell me why, I would appreciate it.  $20    Pictures:    A        B    

DI53     5th Engineer Regiment, pb, Meyer, New York, both shields.   $5   Pictures:   A       B 

DI54    22nd Infantry BDE  cb, no hallmark, $15    Pictures:          B    

DI55    23rd Coastal Artillery, cb, Hallmarked with the Assmann 'A'  German made  $15    Pictures:    A        B      

DI56    84th Field Artillery, cb, marked E 23 on back.  $12    Pictures:    A        B    

DI58     136th Field Arty,  cb, Martin Kah Bronx, N.Y. 6K   $6   Pictures:    A       B  

DI59    29th Infantry, pb,  hall marked Meyer with full inscription.  $15  Pictures:             

DI60    1st Tank Regiment, pb, no hallmark,     $25    Pictures:    A        B  

DI61    53rd Infantry, pb, Meyer, $20    Pictures:    A        B     

DI62    1st Infantry Div.  cb,  Nam era,  Hall marked Ira Greene.  $10  Pictures:             

DI63    33rd Infantry, pb, Meyer, $20    Pictures:    A        B       

DI64    Coastal Artillery,  pb,  Vanguard, N. Y  V21    $5    Pictures:   A       B  

DI65    Cooks and Baker's School,   pb, no hall mark.  $15  Pictures:    A        B    

DI66    74th Ordinance  (a supply Company)  pb  Meyer,  excellent pin!  $10   Pictures:          B    

DI67    30th Engineer Bn.  pb, Meyer,  $12   Pictures:         B  

DI68    11th Coastal Artillery,  cb, no hall mark.  $20    Pictures:    A           

DI69    24th Medical,   cb,  Vanguard, V-21  Made in USA    $5    Pictures:   A       B   

DI70    703rd Military Police Co.  pb, Meyer,  scarce.  $25    Pictures:           B    

DI71    RTC field Command.  pb, no hall mark.  $15   Pictures:          B    

DI72    67th Quartermaster.  pb,  A. H. Donder Wa DC.  $20    Pictures:           B    

DI73    45th Field Artillery, Gemsco, long pin back.  nice old pin!  $20  Pictures:        B   

DI74    6th Infantry,  "Unity is Strength"  screw back, no maker, post has been soldered on.  rare early badge.  $10    Pictures:           B    

DI75    184th Infantry, pb, Gemsco.  The pin has come off but can be repaired.  $15    Pictures:           B    

DI76    142nd Field Artillery, pb, no maker.  $12    Pictures:          B    

DI77    Unknown,  pb, N. S. Meyer inc. N.Y. with both shields.  I have two.  $5 each.   Pictures:   A       B 

DI78    15th Field Artillery, Screw back.  'D' has been scratched into the back.  $15   Pictures:        B   

DI79    3rd Cavalry Regiment, pb, Meyer, beautiful pin!  $15    Pictures:           B    

DI80    14th Field Artillery, (observation Bn)  Theatre made, $20    Pictures:           B    

DI81    21st Infantry BDE,  cb, no maker, $15  Pictures:           B    

DI83         SOLD

DI84    ADA School.  clutch back, excellent   $7    Picture

DI85   Defense    pb, WWII production.  $20   Pictures:    A           


WWII  and earlier Chevrons  Pre-1945


EM1    Private First Class, Pair with black felt backing, the pair is held together with a staple.  These have not been sewn on a tunic.  $3 for the pair.  Pictures:     A         B   

EM2    Private First Class, Pair with black felt backing, has been sewn on but in excellent condition.  $3 for the pair.  Pictures:   A        B  

EM3     Private First Class, single with black felt backing, unusual link stitching (Bevo) and light tan obverse.  $1.50  Pictures:  A       B

EM4     Private First Class, Single  with link stitching on black and a gauze like backing on the reverse.  $1.50   Pictures:         B  

EM5    Corporal (Army Air Corp) single green with black felt backing never been sewn.  $10  Pictures:        B  

EM6    Corporal , Pair of tan on black, only a couple of threads show that these have been sewn on.  $8 Pictures:       

EM7     Corporal.    pair of tan on black felt, has been sewn on.  $10   Pictures:    A      B 

EM8   Corporal.  Pair of green on blue.  have not been sewn on.  $8  Pictures:   A        B 

EM9    Corporal WWI, Felt on felt.  Has been sewn on, the  typical cross stitch pattern is still in the felt.  $15  Pictures:   A       B  

EM10  Corporal WWII,   Pair of early green on black with gauze backing, never sewn on. $12  Pictures:       B    

EM11   Five Corporal WWII (singles only)  Just about every combination of backings and colors of chevrons that you can see.  Three are gauze backed, one with part of the tunic still in place, one with a light green edging sewn on, and one on gray felt that has the WWI style cross stitching pattern still in the felt.  $13 for all.  Pictures:    A        B      C       D       E       F       G       H       I       J   

EM12   Corporal of Tech.  A pair and a half (3) all in excellent condition, tan on black never sewn on.  $15  Pictures:          B    SOLD

EM13  WWII Corporal Chevrons, Package of ten pairs with the original inventory paper still tied together. (I have three bundles) How many of these have you seen?  $45    Pictures:   A      B   

EM14   Korean War EM cloth insignia.  A rare collection of the small sized rank that was issued for one year only ( I have heard 1950) during the Korean War.  Most collectors do not even see one of these let alone a set of  eight.  A steal at $40.  Pictures:        B       C        D       E       F       G        H 



NCO1     WWII Sergeant, light stitched chevrons on blue-black (the flash brings out the blue color )Gabardine,  has been sewn on.  $12  Pictures:  A        B  

NCO2    WWII Sergeant, Light stitched chevrons on blue-black Gabardine.  Has not been sewn on.  $14   Pictures:          B     SOLD 

NCO3     WWII Sergeant, dark OD felt sewn on black felt.  has not been sewn on.    $15   Pictures:     A        B     SOLD

NCO4     WWII Sergeant, Light OD felt sewn on black felt.  Has been sewn on.  Early   $15  Pictures:          B   

NCO5     WWII Sergeant, Light Khaki chevrons sewn into blue-black Gabardine. Has been sewn on.  $15    Pictures:    A       B

NCO6      WWII Sergeant,  Light tan chevrons and T sewn into blue-black gabardine with gauze backing.  Early  $16  Pictures:       

NCO7       WWII  Sergeant, light green chevrons and T sewn into black wool,  gauze backing,  Never been sewn on.  Early.   $16  Pictures   A        B    SOLD

NCO8      WWII Sergeant, Dark green chevrons and T sewn into black wool with gauze backing  Never been sewn on.   $16   Pictures:    A          

NCO9      WWII Staff Sergeant, light green chevrons sewn into blue-black gabardine. one small rust spot on rocker.  $12  Pictures:    A         

NCO10    WWII Staff Sergeant, very light chevrons sewn into blue-black gabardine.  has been sewn on.  $14  Pictures:  A        B    SOLD

NCO11    WWII Staff Sergeant, green chevrons sewn into black felt.  Gauze backing, has been sewn on.  $14  Pictures:     A          B   

NCO12     WWII Staff Sergeant, light brown chevrons sewn into black felt.  Has been sewn on.  $14   Pictures:   A         B 

NCO13     WWII Staff Sergeant, tan on black.  It looks like the background cloth is gabardine.   Has been sewn on.  $14   Pictures:             B    SOLD

NCO14       SOLD

NCO15      SOLD

NCO16    WWII Tech Sergeant, light chevrons on blue-black gabardine.  Never sewn on.  $18  Pictures:     A       B  S0LD

NCO17     WWII Tech Sergeant,  green on blue-black gabardine.  never sewn on.   $18   Pictures:    A         B   SOLD

NCO18     WWII Tech Sergeant, tan on blue-black (blue shows only with flash) gabardine.  Has been sewn on but there is no damage to the patches.  $18    Pictures:           B   SOLD

NCO19    WWII Tech Sergeant,  tan on blue-black gabardine (you cannot see the color easily, the flash brought it out),  has been sewn on and there is a fold line where they were in the pocket when the jacket was put into the closet.  $18   Pictures:         B    SOLD




HB1   Two Bars, Gauze backing on wool.  One year's overseas service.  $2   Pictures:    A        B   

HB2    Four Bars, Gauze backing on wool, two years overseas service.  $5   Pictures:    A        B  

HB3    Five Bars,  Gauze backing on wool, two and a half years overseas service.  $8   Pictures:   A        B  

HB4    Seven Bars, Gauze backing on wool.  Three and a half years overseas service   $12  Pictures:   A       B 

HB5    Three bars, wire Bullion on wool taken off of a 'Green' WWII officer's tunic.  Each bar equals six months overseas service.  $20  Pictures:  A        B   

HB6    Tropical 'Hershey bars' for the left sleeve.  Three bars for the tropical uniform used by the AAC,  WWII and rare.   I have three, $10 each or all three for $25   Pictures:  A         B    



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