PRE/1945 NAVAL RATINGS    










PRE1   AAC Winged Star With Flaw.  Unusual to find such a patch!  The right wing has only three bars of feathers instead of the usual four bars like the left wing.  $30    Pictures:    A        B   

PRE2   Army Air Corp (OLD),  Felt on felt, yellow-gold back with dark blue triple propeller in motion.  Worn in Hickham Field when the Japanese attacked Dec. 7 1941.  Very rare patch with one spot shaved by a moth.  $50  Pictures:    A        B   


PRE4    25th Infantry Division, has been sewn on. like new.   $12   Pictures:  A        B    

PRE5    96th Division, nice shape.  $10    Pictures:    A        B    

PRE6    Second Division, has been sewn on. great colors, no soiling $20    Pictures:  A        B   

PRE7    Army Ground Forces, never sewn.    $12    Pictures:    A        B      

PRE8    Miltary Personnel V. A.    $15    Pictures:  A       B  

PRE9    AAC Specialist Triangle: Weather specialist   $5 Pictures:    A        B      

PRE10    AAC Specialist Triangle: Engineering specialist. I have two of these.  $5    Pictures:    A        B     

PRE11     China, Burma, India.  In country made from cotton and sewn together.  Unusual.  $35    Pictures:         B   

PRE12    AAC Specialist Triangle: Aerial Photography. I have two of these  $5   Pictures:    A        B   

PRE13     USA Southern European Task Force.  Has been sewn on and a few threads remain, but the color is clear.  $20  Pictures:    A        B   

PRE14    US Army Forces, Middle East.  slight soiling, has been worn.  Very difficult piece to find.  $20    Pictures:    A        B    

PRE15     4th Army,  From the 20's or 30's, embroidery on red felt with gauze backing.  Slight discoloration to one corner, but other than that, the only detractor is slight shrinkage.  Rare    $35    Pictures:    A        B   

PRE16     4th Armored Division. Excellent condition, never sewn on,  $15  Pictures:    A        B   

PRE17    Fourth Army, never sewn.   $12    Pictures:    A        B       

PRE18    10th AAC.  Never been sewn on, great colors.  $25   Pictures:    A        B   

PRE19    ASTP Army Specialized Training and Reassignment Program.  Established in 1942 to provide academically talented enlisted men with an undergraduate education and specialized technical training at colleges and universities across the country.  Disbanded late 1943.  George Koval, GPR plant from the Soviet Union, was one of those who attended this program, sent information to the USSR during the war up to 1949 to augment Klaus Fuchs information about the atomic bomb to produce atomic weapons.  Klaus was caught but George was not.  [see May 2009 Smithsonian magazine for the whole story]  Applied to yellow felt diamond, has a little shrinkage due to washing at one time.   RARE  $25    Pictures:    A          

PRE20     AAC Winged Star, Theater made, probably England, linen with gauze backing, has been sewn on.  $35    Pictures:   A        B    

PRE21    AAC Winged Star, English made with stubby fat wings, has been sewn on.  $35    Pictures:  A        B 

PRE22   AAC Winged Star, Felt with gauze backing, never been sewn on.  $50    Pictures:    A        B    

PRE23    AAC  A. A. F. WEATHER SERVICE  Shoulder Arc.  $15  Pictures:  A      B   

PRE24     20th AAC Patch.   WWII production in excellent condition.  $25  Pictures:   A        B  

PRE25      7th Armored Division, Excellent condition but has been sewn on but it is hard to tell.  $15 Pictures:    A        B

PRE26   CBI Patch, Officer grade, Velvet backing, theater made, has been sewn on.  Slight damage to silver wire.  $50    Pictures:    A        B    

PRE27     AAC TROOP CARRIER COMMAND Shoulder Arc.   WWII production.  Excellent   $15   Pictures:       B   

PRE28    AAC PROVING GROUND COMMAND Shoulder Arc.  WWII production.  Excellent   $15   Pictures:            B   

PRE29    AAC FIRST CORP, ( later than PRE43) Winged Star on blue background with the number '1' between the wings.  Has been sewn on but in excellent condition.  $25   Pictures:    A       B  

PRE30    3rd AAC Patch.  Never been sewn on.  $25  Pictures:    A        B   

PRE31     11th AAC Patch.  Excellent condition.   $25   Pictures:    A        B  

PRE32     76th Division, Green Boarder, the only detraction is that someone has written a '5' on the back.  $10  Pictures:    A        B   

PRE33    2nd AAC, Excellent condition.  Never sewn on.  $25   Pictures:    A        B   

PRE34    4th AAC , Excellent condition, never sewn on!  $25 Pictures:    A        B    

PRE35    75th Division.  Green Boarder, I think that it has been sewn on but the marks are faint.  $20  Pictures:    A        B     

PRE36    5th AAC.  Excellent condition.  $25  Pictures:    A        B 

PRE37    3rd Logistical Command, sewn    $5    Pictures:    A        B   

PRE38    13th  AAC,  Excellent condition.  $25   Pictures:         B   

PRE39    Army Service Forces,     $10    Pictures:    A        B     

PRE40     6th AAC,  Excellent condition.   $25    Pictures:           B 

PRE41    Army Material Command    $10    Pictures:    A        B    

PRE42    AAC Cadet Winged Propeller, mint.  3" across.   $25 Pictures:    A        B   

PRE43    1st AAC   (numbered)  nice early felt patch, a little soiled but appears that it has not been sewn on.  $30  Pictures:    A        B   

PRE44     84th Division.  Green Boarder, never sewn on.  $15   Pictures:    A        B   

PRE45   US Forces, Far East Command.     $25    Pictures:    A        B     

PRE46    CBI Patch with green boarder.  Nice clean un-sewn China-Burma-India patch.  $25    Pictures:    A        B   

PRE47     First Cavalry, Black Horse.  Green edged patch in pristine condition.  $25    Pictures:          B    

PRE48    Sixth Army,    never sewn    $12    Pictures:    A        B    

PRE49    Seventh Army, Mint    $12    Pictures:          B    

PRE50   US  Army North West Pacific,  Has been sewn on, but is nice.  $15 Pictures:    A        B    

PRE51    Labrador, NE Canada Base Command.  Mint    $20    Pictures:          B   

PRE52   AAC Winged Star, Early felt patch with gauze backing and the original price tag of 20 cents, Mint.    $55    Pictures:   A        B   

PRE53    WWI Medical sleeve disc, Exc. sewn,    $25    Pictures:    A        B    

PRE54    ROTC with US superimposed.  Early felt patch with gauze backing  $10  Pictures:   A       B 

PRE55    WWI First Class Baker, infantry blue felt on cotton khaki.    $25    Pictures:           B    

PRE56    WWI Engineer's Sleeve disk.  Sewn.    $25    Pictures:    A        B    

PRE57    1st Armored Division.   Never been sewn on.  excellent condition.  $12  Pictures:   A        B        

PRE58    Armored  Forces.  Never been sewn on.  $15  Pictures:          B   

PRE59   5th Division, excellent and never sewn on   $12    Pictures:    A        B    

PRE60    3rd Armored Division.  Nice green backed patch, very early.  $20  Pictures:        B

PRE61    8th AAC,  Based in England and instrumental in the air attack on Germany.  Has been sewn on a tunic.  $20  Pictures:   A       B    

PRE62    AAC Winged Star, English made with stubby wings in excellent condition.  $35   Pictures:         B   

PRE63    First Army, Pre-war Green on black.  A rare piece.    $25    Pictures:    A        B        

PRE64    Official U.S. Army Photographer.  4" by 2".  I have owned two of these over the years.  $20  Pictures:    A        B   

PRE65    Replacement Training Command, Greenback. $15    Pictures:    A        B    

PRE66    9th AAC,  Also based in England during WWII.  Slight soiling on the wing tips, but doesn't appear to have been sewn on a tunic.  $25   Pictures:        B  

PRE67   First Filipino Unit.  Erupting volcano in yellow and black.  I have two  of these great patches in excellent condition.  $25  Pictures:    A         B     

PRE68    6th Armored Division.  excellent, has been sewn on.  $12  Pictures:    A        B   

PRE69    AAC Radio operator  Specialist sleeve Triangle.  I have two of these.  $5    Pictures:    A        B    

PRE70     7th AAC, A difficult patch to find in excellent condition.   $30  Pictures:    A         B   

PRE71     1st Division, Big Red One.  Excellent condition.  has not been sewn on.  $15  Pictures:    A        B   

PRE72     9th AAC Engineers.  It has been years since I have seen one of these rare patches;  Excellent.   $35  Pictures:        B  

PRE73     10th AAC,  has never been sewn on a tunic.  Excellent   $25   Pictures:          B   

PRE74      98th Division.  Has been sewn on but the colors are bright and crisp.  $20  Pictures:    A        B    

PRE75    Fourth Army, Theater made with green edge, I have not seen this style before.    $25    Pictures:    A        B  

PRE76    5th Armored Division.  Has been sewn on.  $14   Pictures:    A        B    

PRE77    US Army, Europe, appears to have been sewn on.  $10    Pictures:    A        B    

PRE78    Western Defense Command.  Green edge, not a common patch to encounter.  $18  Pictures:         B   

PRE79     12th AAC,  has never been sewn on.  Excellent.  $25  Pictures:     A       B 

PRE80      23rd Div.  "Americal"  has not been sewn on.  $20    Pictures:    A          

PRE81    11th Air Assault.  sorry about the paper on the back, but it came right out of the photo album.  $30    Pictures:    A        B    

PRE82     10th AAC.  Excellent condition, never sewn on.  $25    Pictures:    A        B    

PRE83    European Theater of Operations, advance base patch,  Green boarder.   $20    Pictures:    A        B

PRE84    298th Reconnaissance Combat Team.  This team was comprised of Americans of Japanese ancestry who volunteered to help the Army in any capacity shortly after Pearl Harbor.  They worked in the 100th Infantry in Hawaii, attached to the Red Bull Division, fought in Volturno Italy as well as Monte Casino.   They participated in D Day landing and fought through to Berlin.  Disbanded April of 1945.  This is a very rare patch with a wonderful history of Hero's in the literal sense of the word.  $40  Pictures:    A        B      This patch should be displayed with PRE123, 100th Division.

PRE85    11th Armored Division.  Excellent condition.  never sewn on.  $20  Pictures:          B   

PRE86    Eighth Division 'Pathfinder'    $15    Pictures:    A        B 

PRE87    Officer's Candidate School,   Greenback.    $15    Pictures:    A        B  

PRE88    Panama Canal Dept. mint    $20    Pictures:  A        B    

PRE89     AAC Winged Star, Stubby fat wings.  Never been sewn on.  Exc.  $35  Pictures:         B   

PRE90   Air Material Command, mint, has never been sewn, $18    Pictures:          B

PRE91    Tank Destroyer Forces.  Four bogie wheels to tank.  Mint.    $25    Pictures:   A        B    

PRE92    European Theater of Operations Advanced Base.  Green boarder, excellent condition.  $20    Pictures:  A        B   

PRE93    Army Service Forces in Felt.    $20    Pictures:    A        B 

PRE94    81st Division.  Black cat on a green background.  never been sewn on.  $20  Pictures:    A        B   

PRE95    GHQ with blue flag    $20    Pictures:    A        B    

PRE96    Caribbean Defense Command.  has been sewn on.  $15  Pictures:    A        B    

PRE97    Hawaiian Defense Command.  never sewn on.  $15    Pictures:    A        B    

PRE98   15th Military Police Battalion,  clean piece.  $15    Pictures:    A        B     

PRE99    Anti-Aircraft Command, East.   paper from display board stuck to back.   $10    Pictures:    A        B    

PRE100   14th A A C, clean patch in excellent condition, in country production.  $35    Pictures:    A        B    

PRE101    14th A A C, excellent condition.  $25    Pictures:    A        B    

PRE102    Austrian Occupation, Green edge, unusual,    $20    Pictures:    A        B    

PRE103    Replacement School and Command.  $15    Pictures:    A        B    

PRE104    KMAG with arc, has been sewn on.  $25   Pictures:    A        B    

PRE105    9th Coastal Artillery,  green back, nice piece!    $25    Pictures:    A        B    

PRE106    5th Army, has been sewn on.  $10    Pictures:    A        B   

PRE107    12th Armored Division.  Never been sewn on.  $18  Pictures:    A        B   

PRE108    103rd Division, green edged.  $18    Pictures:    A        B   

 PRE109    Anti-Aircraft, $10    Pictures:    A        B    

PRE110    15th AAC.  Has been sewn on, $25    Pictures:    A        B    

PRE111     63rd Division.  Never been sewn on.  Crisp colors.  $18  Pictures:    A        B   

PRE112    24th Division, clean may have been sewn on.  $15    Pictures:    A        B    

PRE113    CBI patch: China Burma India.  Green boarder, clean.  $25  Pictures:    A        B   

PRE114    Antilles Dept.   Never been sewn on.  $29    Pictures:             

PRE115    Army Hostesses shoulder patch,  WWII Highly unusual patch in perfect condition.  $40    Pictures:    A        B     

PRE116     20th Armored Division.  Like new, difficult to find  $25    Pictures:    A       B  

PRE117    Alaskan Defense Command, never been sewn on.  $15    Pictures:    A        B    

PRE118    Air Force Cadet Patch.  Gold on blue.  Excellent.  Never sewn on.  $25    Pictures:    A        B    

PRE119     16th Armored Division.  like new, nicest patch you will see.  $20  Pictures:   A       B

PRE120     Army Ground Forces.   Green edge, has been sewn on.  $10  Pictures:    A        B   

PRE121    31st Division.  excellent condition.  $15    Pictures:    A        B    

PRE122     47th Division.  You won't see a better one.  $15    Pictures:    A        B       

PRE123    100th Division.   excellent condition.   $20  Pictures:         B   

PRE124     4th Division.  Has been sewn on.   $15  Pictures:          B   

PRE125    WWII Cloth Presidential Unit Citations.  Worn on the lower right sleeve of the tunic.  These were short lived and were replaced by a gold frame around a single ribbon bar to be worn over the right breast pocket.  I have several and show three variations of weave for the gold wreath.  These have been sewn on the uniform.  Please specify if you want A, B, or C.   $15 each.  Pictures:    A         B    SOLD

PRE126    2nd AAC, excellent, never sewn on.  $25    Pictures:    A          

PRE127    AAC Specialty Triangle.  Worn low on the right sleeve.  Excellent  $5    Pictures:         B

PRE128    3rd AAC. excellent but has been sewn on, the threads are still there.  $25    Pictures:    A        B  

PRE129    Southwestern Defense Command.  $20    Pictures:    A         B  

PRE130    USMC 13th Defense Bn.  excellent, never sewn on.  $50    Pictures:            

PRE131     104th Division.  'Grey Wolves'  some paper is stuck to the back from taking it out of the vets photo album.  $10   Pictures:     A        B   

PRE132    US Mission to Iran.  This is the original WWII patch with the gold triangle.  Beware of the 'white triangle' patches.  $20  Pictures:    A        B    

PRE133     99th Infantry Bn.  Has been sewn on, there is a yellow stain on the left side of the Viking ship but the price is right.  $10   Pictures:   A        B  

PRE134     25th Regimental Combat team.  Green edged patch that has never been sewn on.  $25  Pictures:   A        B

PRE135    442nd /regimental Combat Team.   I have two of these beauties.  Difficult to find.  $25  Pictures:   A        B 













NR1    Draftsman, 2nd Class, in the issue cellophane   $30    Pictures:    A        B    

NR2    Supply/Commissary third Class, in issue cellophane with tag from Lion Bros.   $30    Pictures:    A        B    

NR3     WWII Mine Man Third class.  One of the rarest rating known to exist.  White on blue with eagle facing to its left.  This patch has been shortened from either a Second class or a First Class rating.  $85   Pictures:    A        B   

NR4    Machinist Mate, First class, in issue cellophane by GEMSCO,  $30    Pictures:    A        B    

NR5    Pigeon Trainer First Class,  Unit formed toward the end of WWII.  White on blue dated 1945, eagle faces to its right.  A rare patch to find in any condition or grade.  $65  Pictures:         B       

NR6    Fire Control Man, Second Class.   WWII Blue rating with gauze backing, signed LEONA  $25   Pictures.   A        B   

NR7     Aviation Air Crew, First Class.   WWII  Blue White rating.  $25  Pictures:   A        B     

NR8    Aviation Ordinance Man, First class.  WWII blue.  Dated 1945 in stitching on the back.  Nice piece.  $35  Pictures:          B   

NR9   Aviation Painter, Pattern Maker or Carpenter's Mate.  A very unusual WWII specialty rating since it had to do with wood as well as aviation.  White on Blue.  I fell heir to several of these fine ratings.  $30    Pictures:    A        B    

NR10     SOLD 

NR11      SOLD

NR12     Sonar man First Class.   dated NYEC 1944 in stitching on the back.    Excellent.  $30    Pictures:    A       

NR13    Torpedo man, Third Class   WWII blue in the issue cellophane    $30   Pictures:    A        B    

NR14    Senior Chief Petty Officer on tan.   Late 1950's.  A beautiful bullion patch that you seldom see.    $30   Pictures:    A        B    

NR15    CPO Signalman.  WWII White, unissued.  You won't see a better one than this.  $20  Pictures:    A        B   

NR16    Chief Petty Officer, Cook.    WWII on Gray with 'NYEC  1944' sewn onto the gauze backing.   (I have two of these)  $30    Pictures:    A        B    

NR17    Aviation Navigator First Class,  WWII on blue, no date.  $25   Pictures:          B

NR18    WAVE Radioman, First Class.  WWII on seersucker striped cloth.  $35    Pictures:    A        B    

NR19      Cook, First Class, In the original cellophane wrap.  Excellent condition, $30.  Pictures:    A        B   

NR20     USMC Dental TechSecond class.  no white eye to eagle, un-issued.  $35    Pictures:    A        B    

NR21    SOLD

NR22    Carpenter First Class.   No date.  Blue felt, eagle faces to it's right.  $20  Pictures:          B   

NR23    Commissary (Chief Steward) in the original cellophane wrap with the tag.  WWII in blue with 'B 1944 sewn into the back.   $30    Pictures:    A        B    

NR25    Signal man, Second class,  WWII rating with LEONA stitched into the back.  $25  Pictures:    A        B    

NR28    Hydrophone Operator, First Class.  WWII blue rating in the cellophane with the same large Liona tag.  $30    Pictures:    A        B    

NR29   Torpedo man, CPO  WWII gray patch with 1943 in stitching on the back.  Eagle has white eye.  Excellent.  $30    Pictures:    A        B     

NR30    Aviation Electrician's mate third class.  WWII blue rating with gauze backing with LEONA in stitching on the back.  Un-issued.  $30  Pictures:    A        B   

NR31    Fire Control Technician First Class.  WWII blue rating with 'NYEC 1944' sewn into its back.  Eagle faces to its left.    $20    Pictures:    A        B    

NR33     SOLD

NR34    Athletic Instructor, First class.  'A' in Diamond, WWII blue rating with 1945 and NYEC in stitching on the back.  $40    Pictures:    A        B    

NR35    Naval Aerial Gunner, very rare WWII patch indeed, just over 2"X2".  Excellent.  $35    Pictures:   A         B     

NR36     CPO Storekeeper First Class.  WWII gray rating dated 1944 NYEC on the back.  White eye to eagle, eagle faces to it's right.    $35   Pictures:           B   

NR37    Chief Petty Officer, Storekeeper, WWII Gray rating dated 1943.  $35    Pictures:    A        B    

NR38     Sonar Operator, (Sound Man) Third class.  WWII blue rating with gauze backing signed Leona.  $25    Pictures:    A        B    

NR39    Mailman First Class.    WWII rating  dated 1944 in thread on the back.    $25    Pictures:    A        B    

NR40    Signalman, First Class,  WWII  blue rating dated 1943 in stitching.   $25    Pictures:    A        B     

NR41    Electrician's Mate, First Class.  WWII blue rating.  Still in the Gemsco cellophane sleeve (there are some tears to the sleeve)  Un-issued.  $20  Pictures:          B   

NR42   Aviation Boatswain's Mate, Third Class.  WWII white rating, very slight yellowing.  $15  Pictures:    A        B   

NR44     Aviation Machinists Mate, Second class.  WWII Gray rating dated 1944 in stitching on the back.  un-issued.  $35  Pictures:    A        B    

NR45    Fire Control Man First Class.  WWII blue rating marked NYEC 1944 on the back.    $20    Pictures:    A        B    

NR46    Fire Control Man Second Class.  WWII gray rating dated 1944 on the back in thread.    $30    Pictures:    A        B    

NR47    Storekeeper First Class.  WWII blue rating not dated.  $20    Pictures:    A        B    

NR48    SOLD

NR49    Aviation Air Crew, CPO.  WWII gray rating with 1943 stitched on the back.  The eagle has a black eye instead of the white eye and faces to its right.  Excellent. $40 Pictures:    A        B    

NR50   Gunner's Mate Third Class.  WWII blue rating signed by LEONA in stitching on the back.  $20  Pictures:    A        B   

NR51   Aviation Navigator First Class,  WWII, white rating, LEONA  sewn on the back.  $30  Pictures:          B   

NR52   Mail with the Diamond 'M'.  Second Class WWII Blue rating marked Liona in stitching, gauze back, supposed to have been made in Formosa.  Nice piece!  $40    Pictures:   A        B    

NR53    Gunner's mate, CPO.  Tan WWII rating with 1943 in stitching on the back.  Unusual!  $40    Pictures:    A        B    

NR54    WWII Mine Sweeper's patch,  I have seen only three of these and I bought all them from the vet.  $30    Pictures:    A        B    

NR55    Aviation Radioman, Second Class.  Nice gray WWII patch dated 1944 on the back.  $40    Pictures:   A         B    

NR56    Enlisted man's sleeve DRAGON,  The enlisted men would have mama san embroider a dragon on a piece of cloth and then sew it on the inside of the cuffs of their sleeve.  When they were on leave, they could roll up their sleeves and show off their dragon to the ladies of Japan.   $25   Pictures:    A         B   

NR57    Hospital Corpsman First Class, Used by USMC as well as the USN.  Back on white WWII rating, the white has gone a little yellow and has a line of discoloration (see the jpg A)  $25  Pictures:    A        B   

NR58    Supply/Commissary mate, First Class.  WWII blue not dated nor signed.  $20    Pictures:    A        B    

NR59    Motor Mechanic's Mate First Class,  WWII white with Red thread.  Very unusual.  Dated 1943 on the back.  $40    Pictures:    A        B    

NR60     Machinist's mate First class.  WWII blue rating dated 1945 and signed NYEC in thread.  $25  Pictures:    A        B    

NR61    Aviation navigator  CPO,   Black on White, excellent condition.  $50  Pictures:   A        B   

NR62    Quartermaster First Class,  WWII white rating with no date.  $20    Pictures:    A        B    

NR63    Aviation Metal Smith, First Class, WWII white rating with 1944 date.  $35    Pictures:    A        B    

NR64      SOLD

NR65    Machinists Oilier, First class  WWII blue rating dated 1944 in stitching on the back.  $25  Pictures:    A        B    

NR66    Photographer, First class.  WWII blue rating.  Dated 1944 on the back in stitching.  $25        pictures:    A        B    

NR67    Torpedo man, Third Class,  WWII blue rating dated 1944 sewn on back, Eagle faces right.  $20  Pictures:           B   

NR68    Medical Technician, First Class.  WWII blue rating with LEONA in stitching on the back.  $30  Pictures:    A        B    

NR69    Submarine Sonar Operator, (Sound man) First Class.  WWII blue rating with NYEC 1944 stitched on the back. The eagle and the arrow face in opposite directions, worn only from 1942 to 1945.  $35    Pictures:    A        B  

NR70   Draftsman, First Class.  WWII blue rating dated 1944 in thread.  $30  Pictures:    A        B    

NR71    Aviation Ordinance, First Class.   WWII  blue rating dated 1945 NYCO on the back.  Eagle faces to it's right.   $35    Pictures:    A        B   

NR72    USMC Dentist, First Class.  WWII rating, no date black on green in perfect condition.  $40    Pictures:     A        B    

NR74    Flight crew Ordinance, Third class.  WWII blue rating, undated.    $30    Pictures:    A        B    

NR75     Quartermaster, CPO.     WWII rating black on tan with an anchor on the back of the chevron.  $40    Pictures:    A        B    

NR76    Submarine Sonar Operator, Third Class.  WWII blue rating in the Gemsco cellophane, no date on back but the  arrow    and the eagle face in different directions.       Used from 1942 to 1944 when both the eagle and arrow faced the same direction.  $20  Pictures:          B   

NR78    Torpedo Man CPO,  WWII blue rating with small anchor sewn on the back.  $40    Pictures:    A        B   

NR80     SOLD

NR81    Torpedo Man CPO.  WWII gray rating dated 1944 and marked NYEC in stitching on the back   $40   Pictures:         B   

NR82    Submarine Sonar Operator ( Sound Man) , Third Class.  WWII blue rating with gauze back LEONA sewn into backing.  The third class is the most difficult one to find.  Arrow and the eagle face in different directions until 1944, after that, they both faced the same direction.  $35  Pictures:    A        B   

NR83    Aviation Air Crew Second Class.  WWII Blue rating.  $30    Pictures:    A        B   

NR84    Aviation Air Crew Third Class.   WWII Gray rating dated 1944.   $30    Pictures:     A        B    

NR85    First Class Gunner's Mark.  White on blue.  Unusual patch.  $25  Pictures:    A        B     

NR86     Gun Pointer, WWII in cellophane sleeve and Gemsco tag.  Un-issued,  $25    Pictures:    A        B   

NR87    Submarine Sonar, (Sound Man) Second Class.  White on blue, eagle faces it's right. Gauze backing with LEONA in stitching.  Difficult patch to find.   $35  Pictures:  A        B   

NR88    Signal Man First Class, Blue rating with a name in white thread on the back but I cannot make it out.  Eagle faces to its left.   $25    Pictures:    A        B   

NR89    Aviation Boatswain's mate, Second Class, WWII Blue rating signed LEONA on the back.  Eagle faced to it's right. $35  Pictures:          B   

NR90     SOLD

NR92    Mechanic's Mate Second Class.  WWII blue rating signed LEONA, in the original cellophane with the large LEONA paper tag.  Nice display piece!    $35    Pictures:    A        B      

NR93    Mail Clerk, 'M' in Diamond.  Woman's Naval Rating, 3"  X  3 7/8".  WWII blue.  $35    Pictures:    A        B    

NR94     CPO Steam Fitter.  WWII white rating, has been sewn on but clean.  $30  Pictures:           

NR95    Aviation General Utility. First Class,  WWII blue rating. Unusual!  $40  Pictures:          B    

NR96    Aviation Radio Operator First Class.  WWII blue rating, marked NYEC 1943 in stitching on the back.  un-issued.  $35   Pictures:    A        B   




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